Our full-service website capabilities create brand presence online.

When it comes to website content development and design, information architecture is just as critical as visuals and messaging. For this reason, we begin every website design project by considering content architecture, and develop copy with an eye toward SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (see what we did there?) We’re well versed in the latest technologies, including responsive and mobile sites, and draw upon design capabilities for a full spectrum of features, including e-commerce, custom corporate blogs and integration with third party functionality. If it’s on the web, we know how to make it happen.


Our responsive website design for cosmetics brand L’eclisse site balances their unique combination of luxurious packaging and healthy ingredients. Clean makeup demo images support new features, including a robust color-matching guide that helps customers easily choose the best shade for their skin. Comprehensive tips, trick, and how-to’s, as well as a detailed breakdown of the healthy ingredients in each product were also added to help sell-through to online customers.

Winner, American Web Design Awards, 2017
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Platinum Visual Systems
[Platinum Visual Systems]

Our new design for the Platinum website was inspired by the imagination of the product line, communicated through bold photography, playful doodles, and clever copy. Improvements to product presentation and navigation helped to make it easy for customers to quickly find the product they are looking for, while encouraging them to learn about additional products and the Platinum brand.

Winner, American Web Design Awards, 2016
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Motion Picture Costumers
[Motion Picture Costumers]

Our overall goals for Local 705’s website included modernizing the look and feel, making content more readily accessible and clear, and updating the technology to be responsive. They also wanted the website to serve as a recruitment tool, where potential members and students would be enticed to learn more and ultimately join the union. Our solution was clean, bold, and personality-driven, with large editorial and vignette photography, smart messaging, and an organized navigation.

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In order to make an otherwise cold and industrial product feel warm, an approachable lifestyle direction was taken for the website for this infrared heater company. Candid lifestyle photography, warm, vibrant colors, and digestible product information created a sophisticated yet friendly feel.

Winner, American Web Design Awards, 2017
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Our design solution for the website for smart and simple mobile accessory manufacturer PureGear was a visually seamless fusion between product and lifestyle. Soft color gradations and playful supporting graphics softened the overall look and made the site feel approachable and friendly. A unique navigation bar organized the pages into four simple categories for ease of use.

Winner, American Graphic Design Awards, 2011
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Pacific Bird
[Pacific Bird]

The colorful interpretation of birding established in the Pacific Bird & Supply Co. brand was taken to the next step in the website design with the introduction of a lifestyle connection, with photography of people interacting with the birds for an emotional appeal. The bold, honest typographic approach was continued in the headers and subheads; information was organized and easy to navigate for an overall clean and modern aesthetic.

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For Indigenous, the website and blog were one of the most important marketing platforms for relaunching this fair trade and organic clothing line and connecting with the fashion and eco-conscious customer. To make an impact, bold, energetic, yet accessible fashion photography was king. The Indigenous social message and nuance in the brand was supported with clothing details, artisan photography, and textures and patterns for depth.

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Make-Up Designory Schools
[Make-Up Designory Schools]

The website design for MUD schools had to connect to the cosmetics line while appealing to a completely different audience. Technical design elements such as angles, icons, and lines along with clean and clear, sophisticated typography communicated the professionalism and seriousness of this nationally accredited school; a muted color palette reflecting the skin tones in the student work was energized with overlapping color blocks, creating a sense of youth and energy.

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The website for XCVI had to be clean enough to accommodate frequent updates while communicating the company’s authentic, practical take on fashion. Collage-inspired imagery communicated the detail and comfort of the clothing; a muted, earthy palette reflected the laid back comfort of the line. A custom corporate blog and newsletter system allowed XCVI to keep their audience updated on news and trends.

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For premium bath accessory company Seachrome, their website had to appeal to both B2B and B2C markets, from distributors and retailers to specifiers that include architects, designers, and builders. Large lifestyle photography draws the viewer in and creates a sense of context and accessibility. Each collection is executed with clear messaging and bold visuals to differentiate the markets and draw users in to each section. Warm, inviting copy communicates Seachrome’s unique selling points and product features and benefits.

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