When we began our work, Petrotech had already established a strong distribution base across national markets in well-known retailers such as Petco. As a relatively new company, they had achieved their initial success due to the owner’s passion for the product — an all-natural line of pet odor eliminator products that actually worked. The marketing-savvy owners knew it was time to take their brand to the next level. They needed a solid brand strategy that would endure the new growth that they were starting to experience and embrace the environmentally conscious marketplace and consumer.


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Identity: Logo

The first step to re-branding Petrotech was to address their logo. Our exploration focused on their proprietary science where the product actually encapsulates the odor to eliminate it. The final mark balanced science and nature, illustrating the encapsulation science while visually communicating that this was a pet product. The proprietary letterforms gave the logo a friendly and approachable feel. The colors and tagline reinforced their all-natural formula and commitment to the environment.

Published, American Graphic Design News

Packaging: Mass & Pet Specialty

We created two separate yet unified designs for mass and pet specialty retail applications. The mass packaging created a hierarchy of information that was digestible to consumers and made for quick and easy navigation on the shelf. The pet specialty version focused on the feeling of protection or safety with a botanical pattern to communicate the concept of a fresh-smelling, all-natural, and safe environment.

Published, Graphic Design USA + Package Design Magazine

Printed Collateral: Corporate Brochure

As the first printed piece that would introduce the new brand to buyers and consumers, the brochure had to communicate all the brand attributes in a small space. The solution brought the packaging concepts into the home environment; the product benefits were reinforced by repeating the icons and benefit copy. Product brochures utilized the look and feel of the mass retail and pet specialty product systems, making each brochure distinct.

Published, Graphic Design USA

Digital Media: Website

Before, the website was cluttered and unclear in its messaging and hierarchy. The new site design utilized bold lifestyle photography paired with a dynamic visual representation of the product attributes for a more emotion reflection of the brand.


Space: Trade Show Booth Concepts

Two distinct options were presented for the Petrotech trade show booth. The first was a fun, bold, and playful approach integrating product “bubbles” with the animals to create visual impact. The second utilized the botanical brand pattern for a visual wallpaper that carried through the entire booth. The final booth design brought the core brand elements to life in a friendly, approachable space for buyers.

Winner, Best Small Booth Award, Global Pet Expo