When we began our work, Petrotech had already established a strong distribution base across national markets in well-known retailers such as Petco. As a relatively new company, they had achieved their initial success due to the owner’s passion for the product — an all-natural line of pet odor eliminator products that actually worked. The marketing-savvy owners knew it was time to take their brand to the next level. They needed a solid brand strategy that would endure the new growth that they were starting to experience and embrace the environmentally conscious marketplace and consumer.
Petrotech Before
[ The Brief: Petrotech Before ]

Petrotech’s previous brand materials did not reflect the sophistication of the booming pet care industry market. Their logo mirrored generic marks as seen in their small boutique line competitors, and their packaging did not communicate features and benefits clearly. Our largest challenge in positioning the brand to appeal to the female pet industry consumer was creating an emotional connection that brought the joy of pet ownership to life.

Logo Exploration
[ Identity: Logo Exploration ]

The first step to re-branding Petrotech was to address their logo. Before, the logo was dated and had no clear reference to what the product does. The logo exploration focused on their proprietary science where the product actually encapsulates the odor to eliminate it.

Final Logo
[ Identity: Final Logo ]

Our solution was a mark that balanced science and nature. The mark illustrated the proprietary encapsulation science while visually communicating that this was a pet product. The proprietary letterforms gave the logo a friendly and approachable feel. The colors and tagline reinforced their all-natural formula and commitment to the environment.

Mass Retail
[ Packaging: Mass Retail ]

Research indicated that consumers in mass retail environments were more interested in the ease of use and the science behind the Petrotech products. Our solution created a hierarchy of information that was digestible to consumers and made for quick and easy navigation on the shelf.

Published, Graphic Design USA, 2008
Published, Package Design Magazine, 2007

Pet Specialty Stores
[ Packaging: Pet Specialty Stores ]

In pet specialty stores, we knew that consumers would be more attracted to the all-natural composition of the product for the safest experience in their home for their pets and children. Our solution was to create a visual interactrion between the encapsulation process and the animals, giving the feeling of protection or safety. A botanical pattern was brought in to communicate the concept of a fresh-smelling, all-natural, and safe environment.

Published, Graphic Design USA, 2008
Published, Package Design Magazine, 2007

Brand Extension
[ Packaging: Brand Extension ]

For the household version of the product, the design had to follow the overall brand look while maintaining a unique identity. The brand name “Clean + Green” was chosen to communicate to a broader market. A simple yet proprietary type treatment was combined with playful photography of children interacting with pets to communicate the product lifestyle. Shown here on shelf at Sprouts Farmers Market.

Corporate Brochure
[ Printed Collateral: Corporate Brochure ]

As the first printed piece that would introduce the new brand to buyers and consumers, the brochure had to communicate all the brand attributes in a small space. The solution brought the packaging concepts into the home environment, creating an emotional experience by depicting pet owners interacting with their pets. The product benefits were reinforced by repeating the icons and benefit copy, and visually connecting the can to the home environment.

Published, Graphic Design USA, 2008

Product Brochures
[ Printed Collateral: Product Brochures ]

Petrotech needed two separate brochures that would target their Mass Retail and Pet Specialty markets. Since the brochures would be seen together in some uses, the challenge was to make them distinct enough to communicate to each market and consistent enough to look like they were from the same company. Our solution utilized the look and feel of the mass retail and pet specialty product systems, making each brochure distinct. Consistent color palettes, the use of branded icons, and the personality of the pet photography composites gave the pieces a cohesive look.

Published, Graphic Design USA, 2008

Print and Email Campaign
[ Advertising: Print and Email Campaign ]

The Petrotech advertising campaign had to be unique enough to make a statement, but broad enough to work for both mass and pet specialty markets. Our solution was a clever composite photograph, communicating that the product would create a clean and green environment in the home. Playful interaction between the animals created an emotional connection to the viewer, while branded icons and copy reinforced product benefits. To announce their new look and appearance at the Global Pet Expo Show, we built an email ad campaign so that the Petrotech sales team could market to their own buyers directly and easily. The email led them to an animated version of the ad campaign, with a playful sequence of words and images.

Published, Graphic Design USA, 2008

Product Display
[ POP: Product Display ]

The visual theme established in the packaging and collateral was continued onto the mass and pet specialty product displays with a branded header card with key brand messaging points.

[ Digital Media: Website ]

Before, the website was cluttered and unclear in its messaging and hierarchy. The new site design utilized bold lifestyle photography paired with a dynamic visual representation of the product attributes for a more emotion reflection of the brand.

Trade Show Booth Concepts
[ Space: Trade Show Booth Concepts ]

Two distinct options were presented for the Petrotech trade show booth. The first was a fun, bold, and playful approach integrating product “bubbles” with the animals to create visual impact. The second utilized the botanical brand pattern for a visual wallpaper that carried through the entire booth.

Trade Show Booth
[ Space: Trade Show Booth ]

The final booth design brought the core brand elements to life in a friendly, approachable space for buyers. Playful animal photography was designed to be in scale with the person standing at the front of the booth for an interactive feel. Warm wood tones, earthy accessories, and live wheat grass planters added finishing touches for a complete and consistent brand look.

Winner, Best Small Booth Award, Global Pet Expo, 2010