PureGear already had an existing comprehensive mobile accessory line when we began work with them. As the product line owned and operated by Superior Communications, a leading manufacturer of accessories for prominent carriers and retailers, they already had a built-in reputation within the industry. However, PureGear was yet to be fully established as a brand of its own and was still unknown to the end consumer.

PureGear Before
[ The Brief: PureGear Before ]

PureGear’s old brand reflected the same generic, technical-focused look and feel as seen in most typical small mobile brands seen in kiosks. Our challenge was to elevate their “me too” product line to accommodate plans for more unique product offerings and compete with larger competitors with existing brand recognition.

Product Lifestyle Boards
[ Strategy: Product Lifestyle Boards ]

Our work began with a detailed analysis and strategy phase that included visualization of consumer profiles. Each lifestyle segment was expressed visually through style boards that included lifestyle, color palette, photography, and design inspiration to help PureGear with product development and serve as a benchmark for future marketing efforts.

Logo Exploration
[ Identity: Logo Exploration ]

PureGear’s identity had to be broad enough to encapsulate the broad current and future product offerings and communicate that it was a mobile company. The explorations included proprietary letterforms and marks with abstract themes including innovation, growth, communication, and expansion. All the solutions had to work with and without a mark and have the ability to be imprinted or debossed onto a variety of mobile devices with tiny surface areas.

Final Logo
[ Identity: Final Logo ]

Our final solution for the PureGear logo was a modern, iconic word mark with clever visual repetition. The custom, continuous letterforms with repeating shapes were a metaphor for the never ending flow of product innovation. The central dot element represented the mobile device; the surrounding “eg” letterforms represented the protective accessories. The “eg” mark was also designed to be a stand alone icon to be used in conjuction with other supporting brand elements.

Stationery System
[ Identity: Stationery System ]

Our solution for the PureGear stationery system was an extension of the “eg” pattern emerging from the logo mark to further symbolize the abstract themes of communication and expansion established in the core identity. The printing was enhanced by a blind emboss technique on the pattern to create a tactile experience for the recipient.

DualTek® Structural Packaging
[ Packaging: DualTek® Structural Packaging ]

For one of their signature products, PureGear wanted a unique, custom package design that would stand out in the crowded marketplace. The DualTek® product was built to withstand extreme shock with special technology in the corners to absorb shock. Our designs emphasized this unique product feature by focusing on the corners in a range of stuctural options from traditional cardboard and blister packs to innovative eco-friendly solutions.

DualTek® Packaging Exploration
[ Packaging: DualTek® Packaging Exploration ]

The DualTek® packaging designs had to balance the science of the product properties with the lifestyle brand approach of PureGear. Our explorations included references to engineering drawings, airport graphics, and nature and focused on the corners of the product to reinforce the functional benefits.

DualTek® Packaging Design
[ Packaging: DualTek® Packaging Design ]

The final DualTek® packaging was a dynamic blister/cardboard combination structure with the product bursting out of the confines of the card to communicate the shock absorption of the corners. Dotted engineering graphics of the product in the background simulated the product falling in space; supporting icons added a scientific and technical feel and communicated product attributes quickly.

Winner, American Graphic Design Awards, 2011

Core Line Packaging Exploration
[ Packaging: Core Line Packaging Exploration ]

The next step to rebranding PureGear was to undertake their comprehensive core line of mobile accessories including cases, chargers, and cables. PureGear wanted to utilize existing primary structural packaging to keep the logistics of the rebrand streamlined; to meet this parameter, many of our explorations included clever solutions for incorporating the existing structure while remaining fresh and new with our overall approach. A strong lifestyle-centric element was used in all the concept directions to support PureGear’s benefits and create an optimistic and inspired brand that would quickly connect to its market.

Core Line Packaging Design
[ Packaging: Core Line Packaging Design ]

Since PureGear’s point of difference was designing simple and straightforward accessories that were often multi-use and affordable, a clean, fresh, modern approach was taken in the packaging to communicate product benefits. Intersecting diagonal shapes consisting of a branded pattern created an advanced, detailed, and innovative feel. Abstract supporting photographic images delineated each product collection, while friendly “work,” “life,” and “play” icons quickly highlighted the brand’s lifestyle approach to product design.

Winner, American Graphic Design Awards, 2011

PureBeats Packaging Exploration
[ Packaging: PureBeats Packaging Exploration ]

Our concept exploration for PureGear’s PureBeats premium headset was centered around the visualization of music. Sound wavelengths, equalizers, and speaker influences were utilized to communicated the high sound quality and deep bass tones of the product.

PureBeats Packaging Design
[ Packaging: PureBeats Packaging Design ]

The final solution for the PureBeats packaging utilized the overall clean, fresh approach of the core packaging, with subtle references to music differentiating this sub brand. The product was photographed with the cables styled to imitate a sound wavelength; stylized, growing typography communicated sound amplification. A unique logo and icon mark were created for the PureBeats name for a distinct, ownable look.

Winner, American Graphic Design Awards, 2011

Product Sell Sheets
[ Printed Collateral: Product Sell Sheets ]

PureGear needed sell sheets that would highlight both the product benefits and lifestyle brand elements, and would work in both print and electronic formats. Our solution was a clean, organized format with bold product photography, warm lifestyle photography, and clear typography highlighting the features.

Press Kit
[ Printed Collateral: Press Kit ]

As a new brand, PureGear needed to make an impact with buyers, editors, and key customers. Our solution was a combination sales/press kit folder with a unique envelope-style fold, a slot for business cards, and a pouch for customizable contents.

Winner, American Graphic Design Awards, 2011

[ Photography: Product ]

For the launch of their new Slim Shells for iPhone 4S, PureGear wanted to showcase all the product colors inspired by French macarons in one hero image. Our solution was an artfully styled product shot that featured the bright and bold colors in a playful manner. Stylized lighting enhanced the glossy texture of the products; imagery on the phone screen brought the flavor concept to life.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

For the launch of the new HIP Case+ for iPhone 6, PureGear needed to demonstrate both the functional capabilities and the lifestyle applications of the product. Our carefully planned shots executed in and around our studio featured a male, female, and toddler model in a combination of location and set environments.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

One of the key markets for the HIP Case+ was the busy multi-tasking modern mom. Our mom and toddler subjects were carefully selected through a targeted casting session held at our in-house studio.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

Interior and exterior locations utilized our studio for a cost-effective one day shoot. A shallow depth of field technique and clean, bright lighting brought a warm, accessible look to the images.

Responsive Website
[ Digital Media: Responsive Website ]

The new PureGear site design had to easily accommodate their existing sophisticated e-commerce system while being responsive to all screen sizes and devices. Our redesign featured a home page combining large marquee images of lifestyle, product images, and messaging in a dynamic carousel animation. An organized navigation bar categorized the wide range of products and devices available for ease of use. The grid design format allowed for collaging different types of imagery smoothly, creating a seamless transition between product and lifestyle.

Digital Brand Strategy
[ Social Media: Digital Brand Strategy ]

Before any work on the social networking began, a comprehensive strategy was developed to identify how to best reach and connect with PureGear’s target audiences online. A thorough audit was conducted to identify opportunities on key social networking portals, explore current digital trends, and find well-known industry bloggers for future digital public relations. Unique branded content ideas were also presented as a foundation for implementing the brand message socially.

Integrated Social Campaign
[ Social Media: Integrated Social Campaign ]

The social networking strategy centered around the mobile lifestyles of our key consumer segments: the multi-tasking parent, the active adventure seeker, and the business professional. Unique branded content development, event marketing, promotions, giveaways, and customer service were all components of our social media work for PureGear.

Traditional and Digital
[ Public Relations: Traditional and Digital ]

Our press strategy for PureGear included traditional and digital outreach targeting both tech and lifestyle-specific audiences. We created and distributed branded editorial and product press releases to strategically selected outlets and placed PureGear products with leading industry trendsetters and into celebrity event gift bags. Our widespread PR efforts landed PureGear in magazine editorials, popular tech review and roundup stories, and on widely viewed local television outlets.

Innovation Montage
[ Video: Innovation Montage ]

PureGear needed a short, eye-catching video to introduce their new signature lineup at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Our solution was a fast-paced montage with a combination of still imagery, graphics, lifestyle video, and moving product photography. This video was used to drive interest and traffic to PureGear’s booth and also played on a flat screen in the trade show booth.

[ Video: DualTek ]

For this extreme shock protection smart phone case, it was critical to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product while staying true to PureGear’s lifestyle brand. To balance these ideas, we mixed informative graphics, scientific demonstrations, and real life drop scenarios in this product infomercial. Slow motion photography techniques were utilized to bring credibility to the drops and create visual interest throughout the video.

Smartphone Support System
[ Video: Smartphone Support System ]

As the most versatile of all the PureGear mobile accessories products, the Smartphone Support System was their top selling product as it appealed to the widest range of customers. To demonstrate the wide range of product functionality in this video, a broad range of characters were shown utilizing the product in everyday lifestyle scenarios.

[ Video: PX360º ]

The PX360º Extreme Protection System was an innovative new mobile accessory product that targeted the outdoor adventurer market. To effectively demonstrate features and bring the product to life, a mix of studio and real outdoor locations were utilized to best connect to the audience’s lifestyle.

Trade Show Booth Concepts
[ Space: Trade Show Booth Concepts ]

To translate the new PureGear brand to a trade show booth design, two distinct approaches were taken to bring the brand to life. The first was a simple, clean, and modern approach; the second utilized eco-friendly resin panels of varying depth and composition to create a softer environment that mirrored the layers in the packaging.

Trade Show Booth
[ Space: Trade Show Booth ]

The final solution was an ultra clean and modern approach that combined lifestyle and abstract photography with unique product display shelves seamlessly. Contemporary yet inviting furnishings and “real” grass carpet were the finishing touches to the overall modern yet approachable design. A flat screen TV played a looping track of branded PureGear product videos.