Simple Human

When we started working with them, Simple Human already had a strong brand presence and represented their products online and on their packaging with premium photography. To evolve their brand, they wanted to introduce a stronger human element to communicate a stylized sense of lifestyle and to visually demonstrate the scale of their products. Impeccable lighting design and hot white technique was chosen to reflect the clean and modern brand look. This would be the foundation for the look of all the subsequent projects.





Photography: Lifestyle

For the launch of their smart mirror product Simple Human needed high quality lifestyle photography in a home environment to demonstrate the range of applications in everyday life. We researched and a secured a premium, ultra modern home environment with ample bath and closet spaces and cast an athletic model to communicate the active lifestyle of the product. The final shots were clean, premium, and accessible to align with the Simple Human brand.

Photography: Stylized Lifestyle

As the new brand elements such as the website and packaging began to roll out, we continued to evolve the photographic nuances while maintaining a consistent look and feel that would translate seamlessly across all touch points. A variety of models and experimentation with wardrobe elaborated on the new aesthetic; focused attention to detail kept all the product looking consistently premium.

Photography: Environmental

To help promote Simple Human’s B2B offerings, we photographed key products in hospitality environments including hotels and restaurants. Hints of lifestyle were brought in through carefully selected props.

Photography: Lifestyle

We also utilized models in hospitality environments to bring a stronger human element into the environmental shots to promote the sensor mirrors. Care was taken in wardrobe and prop styling to ensure the product was the focus.

Photography: Pet

Previously, Simple Human’s pet can packaging utilized stock animal photography to communicate the use for the product so the shopper wouldn’t confuse it with their popular trash cans. To evolve this look to fit their new lifestyle-centric brand approach and communicate features more effectively, we created custom images with both a model and dog interacting to establish a more emotional connection to the audience.

Photography: Product

To continue the theme of introducing a human element into the product shots, we demonstrated the features of the smaller products with just the use of a hand. A professional hand model made for elegant poses and consistency in each shot.


Video: Promo

To launch their new smart mirror, Simple Human needed video assets for use on their website and social media. A premium location, lifestyle-appropriate model, and careful styling, and simple messaging communicated key features while staying consistent with Simple Human’s clean and premium brand aesthetic.

Video: Demo

On their website, Simple Human’s biggest challenge was communicating the scale for their premium trash cans and home accessories. These moving photography videos highlighted product benefits and created a sense of size between model and object while communicating Simple Human’s clean lifestyle aesthetic. Advanced lighting and camera techniques created a dynamic, cutting edge product presentation online.