Infratech is an eco-friendly, high-end outdoor heating system provider that services both residences and commercial spaces that need beautiful, sleek, and subtle heating solutions. As a favorite amongst leading architecture and design firms, we have continued to evolve the brand look to appeal to this sophisticated market since our initial rebrand in 2007.





Identity: Logo

The challenge in updating the Infratech identity was to create a sophisticated mark that communicated what the company does while encompassing all three very different segments of their business: comfort, automotive, and industrial heating products. Our exploration ranged from evolutionary marks that were more minimal in concept and execution, to revolutionary designs that focused on abstract expressions of heat. Our final solution was a modern, bold wordmark that depicts the side view shape of the heaters in the A letterform. Abstract dots arranged in a triangular pattern represent the heat emanating from the illustrative heating unit.

Printed Collateral: Brochures

Infratech’s target market consists mostly of the architects and designers that specify their units in their spaces. To appeal to this sophisticated audience, a clean and modern approach is taken for their printed collateral, with plenty of large installation images featured the premium product installations. Clean product images, bullet-pointed copywriting, and supporting infographics made the content simple and digestible.

Winner, American Graphic Design Awards

Photography: Lifestyle

Our annual advertising photo shoots are carefully casted and styled to communicate the lifestyle element of entertaining outdoors. One of our biggest challenges is to convey the upscale lifestyle while bringing focus to the product in the shots. The camera angles and frames are carefully planned to effortlessly highlight the seamless heater installations in the property and the space itself, creating an editorial feel reminiscent of popular contemporary design and architectural magazines. Lifestyle scenarios and narratives are crafted to appeal to a wide range of end customer audiences.

Advertising: Print B2C & B2B Ads

To target end users and the architects that specify Infratech’s premium heaters, we created a series of designer-friendly ads that married lifestyle photography and messaging with a stylish aesthetic. The designs were varied enough to cover repetition in the media plan while still remaining cohesive to strengthen the overall brand awareness. For trade ads, we expanded our ad campaign to include ad buys targeted at niche markets that focus on the Infratech benefits relevant to specific segments, including landscape architects, hospitality properties, and luxury home builders.


Photography: Product

We also created clean and simple product images to convey the premium construction of the heaters. Care was taken to ensure that each portion of the stainless steel material was lit and gradated to highlight the American-made construction, and that the glow of the elements was the correct color and intensity. We also created macro detail images to demonstrate product quality and construction.

Digital Media: Responsive Website

An overall sophisticated, clean, and lifestyle-centric approach laid the groundwork for our website design for Infratech. We then streamlined the navigation, which helped the visitor access categories quickly and efficiently from any page on the site. The most notable section of the new site is the photo gallery, which now includes hundreds of beautiful product installations, so users can see Infratech heaters in context, and customer service reps can easily reference design ideas with clients.

Winner, American Web Design Awards + American Web Design Awards

Social Media: Integrated Social Campaign

Our social media campaign for Infratech centers on the outdoor living lifestyle to appeal to the end user, and on smart and beautiful design content to connect to the sophisticated architect and designer. We strategize, create, and implement all aspects of Infratech’s social pages across all platforms and e-newsletters, manage the day-to-day customer service, implement online advertising and promotions, and facilitate public relations. Our traditional and digital PR efforts have secured placement for Infratech in popular publications targeting homeowners, as well as trade and niche outlets geared towards architects, designers, and builders.

Winner, American Web Design Awards

Video: Online Commercial

The launch of Infratech’s first-ever online commercial campaign signaled a strong new message for the brand, refreshed for the post pandemic world with a warm, family-centric message that reinforces the comforts of home and the focus on what truly matters. With three distinct areas featuring different Infratech heaters, we built three stories featuring a family connecting outdoors through play, food, and conversation.

Online Commercial

Video: Motif

For Infratech’s decorative fascia collection “Motif,” we knew we needed to play up the design aspect of the product, and connecting the dots between the home’s style and personal style was a natural creative choice. We created this high concept campaign featuring a fashion model styled to match each fascia design, to mirror the exquisite style of the product and communicate the ease of use – the big idea being it’s just as easy to change the style of your heater as it is to change your outfit.

Video: Lifestyle

To bring the emotional benefits of the product to life, we created this video to illustrate different lifestyle scenarios in which Infratech would enhance the user’s experience. Market-appropriate models, a beautiful coastal location, and accessible copy conveyed the end customer lifestyle while communicating product features through detail shots showing switch controls, mobile controls, and smart home assistant integration. This video was also adapted to mobile-friendly micro videos for social media advertising.


Video: Influencer

Smart home integration is an industry exclusive for Infratech and one of their key competitive advantages. To explain this technically complicated subject to everyday homeowners and their architects, we collaborated with digital lifestyle smart home expert Carley Knobloch to help simplify the information and make the subject approachable and digestible.

Video: Pro Testimonial

Clearly and consistently communicating Infratech’s connection to leading industry trendsetters is a cornerstone of our marketing and social media strategy. To bring these relationships to life, we introduced the idea of a documentary style “Visionaries” video series that focuses on highlighting the work of key architects, designers, and builders in a more authentic format. To do this seamlessly, we focused on their work and vision while tying in the Infratech brand organically.

Pro Testimonial

Video: Product

To further our digital ad efforts for Infratech, we conceptualized, shot, and edited five videos featuring each heater design series independently using a custom set piece with perforated metal sheets in a pattern that mimicked the brand’s identity. Clean, premium lighting highlighted the beauty of the stainless steel and quality construction. Camera movement added drama to the otherwise static product and allowed the user to understand the heater differences visually by featuring varied angles and details.

Winner, American Graphic Design Awards

The team at Kitchen has been instrumental in making Infratech the brand people ask for. Their creative and consultative partnership has been invaluable. Along with our web presence, print media, and videos, they have guided us through new and emerging technology that pushes our message out even further through digital marketing. We are the experts at outdoor heating; Kitchen is our expert at reaching all market segments consistently, quickly and strategically. We would not be the leader in the industry without them.