Infratech is an eco-friendly, high-end outdoor heating system provider that services both residences and commercial spaces that need beautiful, sleek, and subtle heating solutions. As a favorite amongst leading architecture and design firms, we knew we had to evolve the brand look to appeal to this sophisticated market.

Infratech Before
[ The Brief: Infratech Before ]

The original marketing materials for Infratech were technical in tone and didn’t reflect the rich lifestyle narrative the product supports. One of the most notable challenges was to encapsulate the three divisions of the company (comfort, automotive, and industrial) in the new comfort brand without alienating each very different market.

Logo Exploration
[ Identity: Logo Exploration ]

Although our focus was on the comfort division, the challenge in updating the Infratech identity was to create a sophisticated mark that communicated what the company does while encompassing all three very different segments of their business: comfort, automotive, and industrial heating products. Our exploration ranged from evolutionary marks that were more minimal in concept and execution, to revolutionary designs that focused on abstract expressions of heat.

Final Logo
[ Identity: Final Logo ]

Our final solution was a modern, bold wordmark that depicts the side view shape of the heaters in the A letterform. Abstract dots arranged in a triangular pattern represent the heat emanating from the illustrative heating unit.

[ Printed Collateral: Brochure ]

Infratech’s target market consists mostly of the architects and designers that specify their units in their spaces. To appeal to this sophisticated audience, a clean and modern approach was taken. A circular die cut cover brought the viewer into the piece with a clever reveal. Plenty of large installation images featured the premium product installations. Clean product images, bullet point copywriting, and supporting infographics made the content simple and digestible.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

Our advertising photo shoot featured a gorgeous residential heater installation with four carefully cast and styled models to communicate the lifestyle element of entertaining outdoors.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

One of our biggest challenges was to convey the upscale product lifestyle while bringing focus to the product in the shots. The camera angles and frames were carefully planned to effortlessly highlight the seamless heater installations in the property. Many of our setups were focused on the space as opposed to the models, creating an editorial feel reminiscent of popular contemporary design and architectural magazines.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

We wanted our next lifestyle shoot to tell the story of Infratech heaters taking the user through a day in the life of their users. A beautiful new construction home in Orange County, California was chosen to connect with one of Infratech’s largest geographical areas.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

We cast an older and younger couple to communicate the multi-generational appeal of outdoor living lifestyle. Each scene was styled, propped, and art directed to convey the wide range of lifestyle activities the heaters can allow users to bring outdoors.

Print B2C Ads
[ Advertising: Print B2C Ads ]

To target end users and the architects that specify Infratech’s premium heaters, we created a series of designer-friendly ads that married lifestyle photography and messaging with a stylish aesthetic. The designs were varied enough to cover repetition in the media plan while still remaining cohesive to strengthen the overall brand awareness.

B2B Print Ads
[ Advertising: B2B Print Ads ]

Infratech heaters are purchased by a wide range of audience segments including landscape architects, hospitality properties, and luxury home builders. We expanded our ad campaign to include targeted ad buys with these market-specific ads that focus on the Infratech benefits relevant to each category.

[ Photography: Product ]

We also created clean and simple product images to convey the premium construction of the heaters. Care was taken to ensure that each portion of the stainless steel material was lit and gradated to highlight the American-made construction, and that the glow of the elements was the correct color and intensity. We also created macro detail images to demonstrate product quality and construction.

Responsive Website
[ Digital Media: Responsive Website ]

An overall sophisticated, clean, and lifestyle-centric approach laid the groundwork for our website design for Infratech. We then streamlined the navigation, which helped the visitor access categories quickly and efficiently from any page on the site. The most notable section of the new site is the photo gallery, which now includes hundreds of beautiful product installations, so users can see Infratech heaters in context, and customer service reps can easily reference design ideas with clients.

Digital Brand Strategy
[ Social Media: Digital Brand Strategy ]

A comprehensive strategy was developed to identify how to best reach and connect with Infratech’s primary and secondary audiences online. We conducted competitive research, explored current digital trends relevant to the outdoor living market, and researched well-known industry bloggers for public relations. Branded content ideas were also explored as a foundation for future content development.

Integrated Social Campaign
[ Social Media: Integrated Social Campaign ]

The focus of our social media campaign for Infratech centers on the outdoor living lifestyle to appeal to the end user, and on smart and beautiful design content to connect to the sophisticated architect and designer. We strategize, create, and implement all aspects of Infratech’s social pages on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Houzz, Pinterest, and YouTube. We also manage the day-to-day social customer service, online advertising and promotions, and public relations.

Newsletters and Editorials
[ Social Media: Newsletters and Editorials ]

We conceptualize, write, design, and implement Infratech’s comprehensive e-newsletter campaigns, which include quarterly trend reports, marketing to specific buyer segments, trade show followups, and editorials for brand awareness and press.

Traditional and Digital
[ Public Relations: Traditional and Digital ]

Our press strategy for Infratech includes seasonal promotion in addition to targeted stories that reflect current trends in architecture and design. Our traditional and digital PR efforts have secured placement for Infratech in popular publications targeting homeowners, as well as trade and niche outlets geared towards architects, designers, and builders.

Corporate Portrait
[ Video: Corporate Portrait ]

This simple and straightforward corporate video was created to convey the Infratech brand in a short, compelling presentation for use online and to quickly communiate the Infratech story to potential customers. The video highlights the product line and installations, explains the made-in-USA production, and communicates the Infratech brand lifestyle.

[ Video: Manufacturing ]

Infratech wanted to showcase their high quality, made-in-USA construction to potential buyers and end users online. Our solution was a warm, narrative-driven video that clearly explained their manufacturing process and seamlessly integrated their state-of-the-art machinery with the friendly faces of the employees that handmake each premium infrared heater.

[ Video: Installation ]

Flush mounting is a favorite amongst Infratech’s architect and designer following, as it allows for a seamless integration into a space without detracting from the decor. Infratech needed a video that explained the benefits of flush mounting and walked the customer through the installation process. Beautiful environment photos, clean product imagery, and clean animated graphics conveyed the information in a simple and easy to digest format.

[ Video: Instructional ]

We needed a short video to explain the technology behind Infratech’s heaters, in order to help customers understand the benefits of infrared heat over competitors. Our solution combined video footage, stills, and animated infographics to present Infratech as a leader in the category while visually conveying the science of infrared heat.

[ Video: Product ]

Since specifiers are one of Infratech’s key audiences, we took a fresh approach to Infratech’s product video using the overall theme of an architect planning a space. We created time lapse shots of an artist drawing in a sketchbook and on a glass whiteboard to bring personality and visual interest to the video. The artistic theme was implemented throughout by fusing illustration and photography, handwriting, arrows, and blueprints to connect to architects’ lifestyles.