When we began working with Twin Eagles, they had already established themselves as a leader in making luxurious, precisely engineered grills and outdoor equipment for premium outdoor kitchens because of the exceptional quality of their products. However, they lacked name and brand recognition and were getting lost in the sea of sameness in their category. Our challange was to elevate the brand to compete amongst larger competitors and communicate the unique emotional benefits of the product to foster customer loyalty.

Twin Eagles Before
[ The Brief: Twin Eagles Before ]

Before, the Twin Eagles website and collateral focused exclusively on the technical, functional benefits of the products. They also lacked personality with their messaging and blended in with the dark, masculine color palette that was also used by most competitors.

Brand Platform
[ Strategy: Brand Platform ]

Our strategy work for Twin Eagles began with a comprehensive retail and competitive audit, where we identified trends and areas of opportunity to create a unique, ownable niche. We also looked at overall industry trends ranging from design to technology.

Brand Positioning
[ Strategy: Brand Positioning ]

Once our research was analyzed and areas of opportunity were established, we developed three unique positioning options. The first focused on Twin Eagles’ unique combination of exceptional design and engineering, the second highlighted the idea of the unforgettable moments created when entertaining friends and family outdoors, and the third was based on the idea that the products let the customer express themselved through cooking and entertaining. Each positioning was supported by a consumer mindset, brand personality words, a brand story, tagline options, and brand clarity style boards.

Logo Exploration
[ Identity: Logo Exploration ]

Our logo exploration ranged from evolutionary to revolutionary solutions. Since the brand name was so dominant and important to their story, all solutions had a reference to one or two eagles ranging from literal to abstract.

Final Logo
[ Identity: Final Logo ]

Twin Eagles chose an evolutionary design, with redrawn eagles and a new proportion and more elegant rendering of their signature triangle mark. The mark was paired with a proprietary wordmark, with angular elements that reflected the design of the grills.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

Our lifestyle shoot concept was about capturing the memories created entertaining outdoors and the tradition of grilling handed down from each generation. We chose a local mid-century Eichler home and installed a custom kitchen to create a sense of timeless style.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

We added a hint of exquisite style by carefully casting and styling models to emote the aspirational design of the products without losing authenticity. Poses were reminiscent of fashion catalogs, highlighting the product with use of negative space and asymmetrical compositions.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

We cast models to represent a multi-generational family and demonstrate the idea of making memories through grilling outdoors. Food styling, wardrobe, and props added finishing touches to bring the environment to life.

[ Photography: Product ]

We executed clean, simple, and beautiful product images to present the premium quality of the products. Care was taken to ensure that each portion of the stainless steel material was adequately lit and gradated to accentuate the exceptional construction. We also matched the camera angles and product perspectives for a consistent presentation. In addition to full product photos, we executed macro detail shots to highlight key product features and further demonstrate product quality.

Brand and Product Brochure
[ Printed Collateral: Brand and Product Brochure ]

Our new catalog design featured a clean, slick cover with a clever die cut that mimicked the signature triangle design of their logo. Large, bold lifestyle photography and clever messaging brought the viewer in and told the brand’s story. Clean, simple product photography showcased each product with personality-driven features and benefits copy.

Print Ads
[ Advertising: Print Ads ]

We designed a series of print ads to highlight the Twin Eagles lifestyle while conveying product features and benefits. Headlines and body copy were written to convey the brand voice and highlight the innovation and precise engineering of the products.

[ Digital Media: Website ]

Twin Eagles needed a site that would appeal to both sophisticated end customers and architects that build outdoor kitchens. Product-centric lifestyle photography helped to create an emotional connection with the audience, while clean product shots and macro detail shots emphasized the high quality construction and performance of the equipment. Short and clever copy, a clean navigation, and organized information graphics portrayed all the messaging in a simple and engaging presentation.

Corporate Portrait
[ Video: Corporate Portrait ]

Twin Eagles wanted their company video to feature their product and manufacturing offerings while conveying the family-oriented company culture. Our video told the founder’s story, featured their state-of-the-art facility, showed beautiful macro shots of the product, and conveyed the personality of the workers responsible for executing the quality construction of the product through close up shots. Tracking infographics gave the video a modern feel and mirrored the technical aspects of the product production and features.

Digital Brand Strategy
[ Social Media: Digital Brand Strategy ]

For a consumer brand that didn’t have a previous social media presence, the stakes were high to ensure that our strategy would quickly and authentically connect with the audience. We first conducted competitive research to find areas of opportunity to stand out in the digital landscape. We also audited the outdoor living market online, current digital trends in the category, and presented original content recommendations that would appeal to the sophisticated homeowner as well as the architect or designer specifying Twin Eagles products.

Integrated Social Campaign
[ Social Media: Integrated Social Campaign ]

Our social media campaign for Twin Eagles features content targeted at the sophisticated homeowner, as well as the architect or designer that specifies the product in their designs. Beautiful lifestyle content including recipes, cooking and product tips, and outdoor entertaining suggestions work seamlessly with posts geared towards dealers and specifiers such as kitchen design features and testimonials. We conceptualize and implement all branded content across Twin Eagles’ social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz.