We create brands that forge emotional connections with consumers in their markets.

At the Kitchen, brand development is our breakfast, lunch and dinner. We start with competitive and consumer research, to identify behaviors, motivators and trends. We create opportunities to differentiate by establishing an ownable position in the marketplace, and building a unique visual and verbal presence with brand identity and brand clarity style boards, naming, brand stories, tagline and messaging development.

Make-Up Designory
[Make-Up Designory]

In our competitive research, we found that although many competitors took a “professional” approach to their brand positioning, none were owning education. In the three brand positioning options ranging from simple to expressive, brand clarity style boards illustrated the look and feel of the proposed brand directions including photography style, color palettes, and design inspiration.

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Pacific Bird
[Pacific Bird]

When positioning Pacific Bird & Supply Co. in the wild bird food marketplace, the brand had to bridge the gap between the primary audience of casual birdwatchers and the secondary audience, expert bird enthusiasts. Our two disctinct brand clarity style boards took unique approaches: the first targeting the social female mindset, and the second embodying the natural explorer.

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Our brand development work with PureGear began with a detailed analysis and strategy phase that included visualization of consumer profiles. Each lifestyle segment was expressed visually through style boards that included lifestyle, color palette, photography, and design inspiration to help PureGear with product development and serve as a benchmark for future marketing efforts.

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We presented two unique positioning approaches, with the first focusing on the idea of self-expression and sophistication, and the second emphasizing the worldly appeal of their artisan-made clothing. Each direction was supported by a unique brand story, personality words, and overall look and feel.

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Bella del Mar
[Bella del Mar]

Our brand boards for Bella del Mar did double duty as brand clarity and store design concepts. The store design took two distinct directions, inspired by the beach, fashion, and modern aesthetics.

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Platinum Visual Systems
[Platinum Visual Systems]

Our brand platform for Platinum included three distinct approaches, all centered around the big idea of individual creativity. Each direction included proposed photography style, color palettes, and design inspiration.

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