When XCVI first approached us, they already had a solid client base with steady sales growth across national markets. Realizing that is was time to capitalize on the buzz, they were ready to take their brand to the next level. XCVI had a general sense of their market, but needed our help to truly define their consumer — not just her characteristics, but her lifestyle and personality. Before any work was done, a combination of targeted surveys and one-on-one interviews with key decision makers helped us create an accurate consumer profile. This became the foundation for all future brand development.




Brand Positioning Boards

Strategy: Brand Positioning Boards

Before any design work began, the next step was to identify XCVI’s primary and secondary markets, and the key features that described them. Based on this research, we were able to articulate and define the core concepts of the brand and demonstrate them visually. The boards were a checkpoint for strategy — making sure the client and creative team were all on the same page.

Identity: Logo & Stationery

Our solution leveraged the existing maze mark for brand equity, but gave it a much needed facelift and a custom letterform design. A color system allowed for identifying company divisions, product growth and extension over time. A clean, tactile stationery system rounded out the identity design.

Published, Package Design Magazine

Photography: Catalog

To kickoff the new XCVI brand, we wanted to make a bold statement. Our solution — “product as king” photography with a clever twist. Elegant white backgrounds made the clothes pop — while pop-art inspired propping gave the images a sense of cool. The images spoke to the unique process involved in making the clothes and pulled the viewer into this conceptual, dynamic campaign.

Photography: Advertising

We evolved the idea of attention to detail in the clothing in this series of bold images, which focused on the clothing features in a cleaner format. Artful crops and lots of negative space lended a sense of sophistication and drama.

Printed Collateral: Brand Brochures

The XCVI collateral was designed to capture the attention of new and existing buyers alike. The photographic campaign was reinforced with bold product photography calling attention to the clothing details — a hallmark of the XCVI brand.

Published, Package Design Magazine

Digital Media: Website & Social Media

XCVI needed a website with a content management system so they could blog, update product images, and add news and events whenever they wanted. The new design took a collage-inspired approach to communicate XCVI’s casual take on fashion, with overlapping patterns and textures and a scrap book technique in the photography. A custom corporate blog and newsletter system created a forum for communication with customers and fans.

Website & Social Media
Trade Show Booth

Space: Trade Show Booth

The MAGIC show was XCVI’s first opportunity to introduce their new brand on a larger scale. Dramatic use of photography, bold color, and branding created a strong statement, comparable to leaders in the category. At the same time, the booth layout of enclosed, intimate viewing stations maintained the feeling of warmth and welcome for which XCVI is known.

Space: Showroom

The final step in the XCVI brand transformation was the showroom. From the seamless integration of two previous spaces into one, to the finishing touches of flowers and accessories, we designed and directed every stage of the showroom’s transformation. A strong branded environment was created using color palette, photography, and signage, custom-designed display and storage units, and brand-enhancing furnishings and accessories.

Published, Package Design Magazine