Hautelook, now part of the Nordstrom family, is one of the internet’s top flash sale sites, selling anything from premier fashion brands to children’s clothing and home accessories. When we started working with them, they were one of the fastest growing companies in their category. Hautelook wanted to be perceived as a premium brand, and quality fashion and catalog photography was an integral part of connecting to the sophisticated consumer. With a rapidly expanding business volume, Hautelook needed a high quantity of premium photography delivered in lightning speed. We were able to accomplish this through our efficient on-site photography production studio. Each shoot was a combination of a stylized editorial story that communicated the essence of each brand and simple yet sophisticated catalog shots that featured the items in a clean format.





Model Photography: Studio

To capture the premium quality for the collections shown in these hero images, we created dynamic studio images to communicate each brand’s look and feel while grabbing the customer’s attention on sale newsletters and landing pages. Bold styling added visual interest and drama to the final images. Clients included Robert Rodriguez and A&G Rock.

Model Photography: Women's Lifestyle

Hautelook also needed strong lifestyle photography to communicate the unique qualities of each collection. In these images, body language took precedence over the model’s expression with dynamic, personality-driven poses with movement. Locations with a  SoCal feel referenced Hautelook’s California-centric brand culture. Clients included Maaji Swimwear, Muuba, Stella and Jamie, Poleci, Joe’s Jeans, Eliza J., and Da-Nang.

Model Photography: Men's Lifestyle

For this series of hero images for men’s sales, Downtown Los Angeles locations were chosen to create a brand narrative. Clients included Valentino and Rough Roses.

Product Photography: Studio

In addition to featuring premium labels, Hautelook also hand-selected a variety of brands to participate in themed sales. Stylized lighting, dynamic arrangements, and artful backgrounds helped lend unique looks and a hint of lifestyle to each sale.

Product Photography: Flat Lays

Many of the Hautelook featured images needed to artfully present clothing without the use of a model. In these hero shots, the personality of each brand was enhanced through careful styling that brought the clothes to life on a flat surface.

Product Photography: Environmental

For a selection of sales, we brought in a sense of outdoor environment to reference the season and give the viewer a hint of the product’s lifestyle application. Natural lighting and artful arrangements added an effortless sophistication to these images.