Hautelook, now part of the Nordstrom family, is one of the internet’s top flash sale sites, selling anything from premier fashion brands to children’s clothing and home accessories. When we started working with them, they were one of the fastest growing companies in their category. Hautelook wanted to be perceived as a premium brand, and quality fashion and catalog photography was an integral part of connecting to the sophisticated consumer. With a rapidly expanding business volume, Hautelook needed a high quantity of premium photography delivered in lightning speed. We were able to accomplish this through our efficient on-site photography production studio. Each shoot was a combination of a stylized editorial story that communicated the essence of each brand and simple yet sophisticated catalog shots that featured the items in a clean format.

Robert Rodriguez Black Label
[ Catalog Photography: Robert Rodriguez Black Label ]

Robert Rodriguez collections are widely acclaimed and sell at top luxury retailers including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Fred Segal. To capture the premium quality and drama of the beautiful formal dresses, a dark background was chosen with moody lighting for depth. The dress was styled in bold sculptural sweeps, bringing even more visual interest and drama to the final image.

Party Themed Sale
[ Product Photography: Party Themed Sale ]

In addition to featuring premium brands, Hautelook also hand-selected a variety of brands to participate in themed sales. For this party accessory sale, a shoe and purse were styled in a way that suggested a narrative of a night on the town. Stylized lighting and hard shadows helped to make the accessories pop.

Maaji Swimwear
[ Lifestyle Photography: Maaji Swimwear ]

Columbian swimwear line Maaji is known for its trendy style and laid back attitude. To incorporate the brand philosophy, a casual model pose was selected to communicate the effortless style of the suits. An exterior rooftop location was chosen to bring in a touch of urban grit.

[ Lifestyle Photography: Valentino ]

Valentino is arguably one of the most classic and well-known fashion brands in the world. To feature their men’s suits on the site, a sophisticated approach was taken with an environment that lended itself to an open-ended story of the classic Valentino man. Bright, ethereal lighting gave the shot a sense of mystery and cinematic quality.

[ Lifestyle Photography: Muubaa ]

London-based leather fashion brand Muubaa is known for their innovative take on the classic leather motorcycle jacket. This casual lifestyle hero image incorporated a vintage motorcycle to reference the design inspiration of the jackets.

A & G Rock
[ Catalog Photography: A & G Rock ]

The feature image for the A & G Rock sale captured the delicate, flowy nature of the scarves with bright light illuminating the back of the shot. The model’s captured movement added a sense of drama and energy and showed off the unique print of the product.

Joe’s Jeans
[ Lifestyle Photography: Joe’s Jeans ]

The featured image for the Joe’s Jeans sale contrasted the fun and flirty aspects of the clothes with the grit of downtown Los Angeles. The model’s captured movement added a sense of drama and energy and brought attention to the jeans.

Handbag Sale
[ Product Photography: Handbag Sale ]

For this collection of various handbags, a more broad visual approach was taken to feature each brand equally. To highlight the metallic materials in the featured products, the background was lit with a stylized technique to emphasize the finish of the stainless steel backdrop.

[ Product Photography: Tateossian ]

For cufflink and bracelet manufacturer Tateossian, the featured men’s accessories incorporated a rugged design, with a mixture of leather and metal materials. To complement the brand look and feel, a natural, textured stone environment was selected. A dramatic angle and macro perspective accentuated the accessories and made them feel heroic and strong.

Winter Shoe Sale
[ Product Photography: Winter Shoe Sale ]

To encompass the broad scope of shoes featured in this sale, a visual collage approach was taken in the styling to show the variety in styles available. Clean yet dramatic lighting and a dark, moody background referenced the winter season.

PII by Poleci
[ Lifestyle Photography: PII by Poleci ]

Poleci is known for blending textures, colors, and architectural lines in their fashion design. To tie into the brand in a subtle way, a linear background was chosen for visual texture. The model’s pose helped to convey the cutting edge sophistication of the brand.

Taverniti Jeans
[ Product Photography: Taverniti Jeans ]

Many of the Hautelook featured images needed to artfully present the product without the use of a model. In this hero shot for Taverniti Jeans, the rugged sensibility of the product was enhanced through careful styling that brought the clothes to life on a flat surface.

Stella and Jamie
[ Lifestyle Photography: Stella and Jamie ]

Stella and Jamie is known for glamour and effortless beauty, designing for women who are confident and sexy, yet innocent and coy. This shot combines all of this inspiration with a playful, energetic pose that emphasizes the dress over the model’s face. The sophisticated, delicate dress is contrasted with the gritty background of a location wall in downtown Los Angeles.

Vintage Shoe Sale
[ Product Photography: Vintage Shoe Sale ]

This feature image for a luxury shoe sale had to feature a range of designers without emphasizing a single brand. This artful arrangement created a collage effect that drew the viewer’s eye to each piece; dramatic, graphic lighting allowed for each shoe to pop off the web page.

[ Lifestyle Photography: Da-Nang ]

The military-inspired clothing line Da-Nang has a casual, almost utilitarian sense of fashion. This featured image captured the model in action for a sense of energy and movement, reinforcing the Da-Nang brand story. A gritty location was selected to highlight the down-to-earth sensibility of the line.