When we began working with the owners of Bella del Mar, they had secured a lease on a beautiful modern property in Corona del Mar, California, a popular beach town with heavy foot traffic. The unique characteristics and personality of this beautiful seaside community became the inspiration and launching point for our brand development work with them.

[ Brand Development: Naming ]

Our work began with brand name development, with a broad naming exploration with themes ranging from beach-inspired to high fashion references. Plays on words made the names ownable and unique, and gave the naming options a clever twist. The selected name, Bella del Mar, incorporated the Corona del Mar name with a multi-language twist, and captured the unique and beautiful feeling of the beach town.

Logo and Hangtag Exploration
[ Identity: Logo and Hangtag Exploration ]

The identity for Bella del Mar had to embody the upscale California casual feel of the products in the store and the beachside community. It also had to be legible from a distance on store signage and collateral and easy to reproduce. With these parameters, our exploration centered around proprietary wordmarks and simple, clever icons. Each logo solution was shown with a proposed hangtag design, in order to show the mark in a real application.

Final Logo and Hangtag
[ Identity: Final Logo and Hangtag ]

The final identity was a clean, modern monogram that combined the letterforms in the Bella del Mar name with a nautical wheel symbol, paired with a simple and sophisticated type treatment. The hangtag juxtaposed an artful, abstract watercolor design inspired by the ocean with crisp gold foil stamping in the logo to emphasize the premium quality of the store.

Store Packaging
[ Packaging: Store Packaging ]

To reinforce the premium quality of the products, Bella del Mar wanted a unique packaging system to make each purchase memorable to the customer. Our solution was a unique combinationof custom and stock materials that balanced upscale quality and the rustic, casual feel of the store.

Store Design Concepts
[ Space: Store Design Concepts ]

The store design concepts for Bella del Mar took two distinct directions, inspired by the beach, fashion, and modern aesthetics. Our first presentation included floor plan and store layout options, and proposed solutions for ceiling treatments, flooring, lighting, furnishings, front window displays, clothing displays, and accessories.

Store Design Concepts
[ Space: Store Design Concepts ]

Our first design approach centered around a simple, modern approach to glamour. Classic furnishings, industrial elements, and pops of bright color combined to create a modern yet warm space. Bold wallpapers and lighting fixtures created contrast and gave the space visual interest.

Store Design Concepts
[ Space: Store Design Concepts ]

The second design concept was a modern take on a traditional beach house style. Raw, natural materials were juxtaposed with clean furnishings and neutral colors to create balance in the design. Unique artwork, including a vintage chalkboard art wall and surf photos, brought personality to the space.

Retail Store Exterior
[ Space: Retail Store Exterior ]

Since the building architecture was already clean and sophisticated, our priority was to make sure the brand name popped to grab attention from foot and car traffic. Dimensional logo signage complimented existing awning design and placement; a unique custom window display with artfully arranged and suspended blue and gold acrylic circles brought attention to the mannequins displayed on custom risers.

Retail Store Interior
[ Space: Retail Store Interior ]

To draw customers in, we wanted to make a bold statement on the main store wall. A sustainable reclaimed wood wall was installed with a custom hanger system constructed from powder coated steel. The wall was accented with black and white vintage photos in clean black frames. The custom window display, inspired by ocean bubbles, was designed to serve as a design element both inside and outside the store, while bringing color and visual interest to the space.

Retail Store Interior
[ Space: Retail Store Interior ]

The reclaimed wood wall was continued onto the checkout counter, with a unique chalkboard wall behind it featuring a custom designed vintage octopus illustration. Furnishings were a balance of modern and rustic, mixing elements such as wrought iron, natural woods, and metallics. Nautical touches were picked up in accessories and wallpapers spread throughout the space.

[ Digital Media: Website ]

Bella del Mar needed a simple site to showcase basic company information and drive customers to their space and to social media outlets. A clean black frame with a logo pattern framed our store photos with simplicity and clarity.

Integrated Social Campaign
[ Social Media: Integrated Social Campaign ]

Bella del Mar couldn’t rely on foot traffic alone to let local customers know about their new store. Our social media campaign started with teasers about the store construction and opening, and evolved into sophisticated fashion-centric content such as custom editorials, celebrity looks, fashion quotes, and store brand features. Connecting with the local community was also key to getting Bella’s social campaign off the ground.

Traditional and Digital
[ Public Relations: Traditional and Digital ]

Our press strategy for Bella del Mar was highly localized, encompassing traditional and digital outreach targeting publications in the Orange County area. We created and distributed branded editorial releases to selected outlets and landed Bella del Mar into leading local publications within the first week of the store’s opening. We also created custom press photos of the store and owners to make coverage simple for editors and coordinated a store ribbon cutting ceremony and press event to secure additional coverage for the grand opening.