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We’re not a real kitchen.

The Kitchen Collaborative is an award-winning Los Angeles-based creative agency that builds brands across all modern touchpoints, born from a strong desire to disrupt the typical top-heavy ad agency. When you take away the politics, titles and extravagant overheads, what’s left? Creative agility. A leaner, more efficient process. The ability to harness the best talent for each challenge. And a focus on creating premium creative services that are individually tailored to meet each and every client’s goals.


  • We work smart and we do smart work

    The Kitchen is comprised of a diverse group of talented, experienced, and highly specialized creative professionals. We pair each project with the right individuals needed to execute the scope of work, creating a unique, customized, and efficient team tailored to each client’s needs. Our flexible structure gives us the ability to work with clients of all shapes and sizes and in a variety of industries.

  • Our Network

    Our vast network of local vendors and resources, from printers to packaging suppliers to talent agencies, streamlines the production process and eliminates the need for the client to manage multiple vendors. All creative and production talent is managed with consistent leadership and vision, ensuring a strong and reliable brand execution.

  • Women and branding

    According to current research, women make or inform 80-90% of all purchasing decisions in today’s marketplace. Although we work in many different markets, we offer a unique specialty in developing female-targeted brands. After all, we love shopping too.

How we work.

We are proud to be an all-remote agency based in the Los Angeles area, bringing together our team members in person or virtually as needed for each project or initiative. Why do we work this way? In a post-pandemic world, staff and clients alike value the flexibility, effective time management, and mental health benefits of a malleable work structure. We come together for key meetings, team building, and shoots where we operate out of our LA-based annex photo studio, on beautiful locations, or in client facilities. We think that’s all pretty smart — and so do our clients.

Meet our leadership.

  • Aniko Hill Aniko Hill
  • Aniko Hill Aniko Hill
  • Jesse Hill Jesse Hill
  • Jesse Hill Jesse Hill
Aniko Hill: Founder, Chief Creative Officer
A natural curiosity and passion for creating targeted, authentic brands makes Aniko Hill a diverse conceptual creative director, branding specialist, and strategic thinker. An Art Center College of Design graduate, she has extensive experience in all design mediums and has worked with highly regarded firms and major clients throughout her career. Aniko has helped business leaders ranging from mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies to shape branding and marketing strategy and lead diverse teams to implement deliverables that drive brand awareness and fuel product sales. She has shared her experience with emerging design professionals over the years as a senior instructor at Art Institute of California, where she taught advanced courses on branding and packaging design.
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