Pacific Bird

When the Pacific Bird founders, who were sisters and birding gurus, took ownership of the line, they knew that the existing identity was dated and lacked the passion that they had for birds. They also knew there was a huge void in the marketplace for premium natural wild bird treats in an industry that was beginning to gain in popularity. Our biggest challenge in beginning our work in positioning the line to market to the female consumer was the ick factor, as the products we were selling were essentially bugs. This became the foundation for our thinking as we started our work in developing the new brand.


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Strategy: Brand Positioning Boards

When positioning Pacific Bird in the wild bird food marketplace, the brand had to bridge the gap between the primary audience of casual birdwatchers and the secondary audience, expert bird enthusiasts. We took two distinct brand positionings: the first targeting the social female mindset, and the second embodying the natural explorer. We also explored naming for their mass packaging line, including names with PB initials, food-focused solutions, references to nature, and playful twists on birding lifestyle.

Identity: Logo

In our logo solution for Pacific Bird, the form of a modern silhouette of a bird interacts with a playful “PB” form that resembles either a worm or a thread, symbolizing the wide scope of birding lifestyle products offered by the company. The final mark for the mass version of the brand “PureBird” was a clean, friendly type treatment that referenced the style of the Pacific Bird logo, with the same bird silhouette perched on a letterform to tie the two marks together.

Packaging: Design Exploration & Implementation

Our biggest challenge was getting past the “icky” perception of the product — which was essentially bugs. Our design concepts embraced this idea with an honest representation of the bugs using large type, pictures of the insects, and supporting icons and copy that educated the consumer on the benefits of feeding with natural wild bird treats. Our final solution for the Pacific Bird packaging balanced the beauty of birds and nature with bold, honest representations of the insects inside the cans.

Winner, American Package Design Awards
Published, Choi’s Package + The Dieline

Packaging: Brand Extension

The PureBird packaging had to visually connect to the Pacific Bird brand while maintaining its own look and feel. An overall bolder approach was taken, with a darker natural background and stylized large bird photography with unique croppings. Unique icons were developed to inform the user of product benefits, features, and directions. A bright and playful color palette brought personality to the design and helped identity product on the shelf.

Brand Extension

Printed Collateral: Brochure

We took a clean, bold approach for the corporate and product brochure design, with bold photography of the product ingredients, lifestyle photography, and clever copy and product arrangements. A paper wrap on the cover added a special touch that referenced the gourmet quality of the products.

Digital Media: Website

The colorful interpretation of birding established in the Pacific Bird brand was taken to the next step in the website design with the introduction of a lifestyle connection, with photography of people interacting with the birds for an emotional appeal. The bold, honest typographic approach was continued in the headers and subheads; information was organized and easy to navigate for an overall clean and modern aesthetic.


Space: Trade Show Booth Concepts

Two distinct booth concepts were presented; the first utilized a modular illuminated grid structure with bold, graphic colors and photos, and the second was a cleaner structure that connected more closely to the look established in the packaging and website. Our final solution was a lightweight, cost-effective system that allowed for oversized graphics in full color. Offset acrylic panels housed a flat screen with a looping branded product video and served as display space.

Brand Extension: Cause Identity & Packaging

Pacific Bird wanted to give back to charities that were important to their mission. We helped them to create a brand extension for their “Peck Your Cause” concept, in which customers could select a product to buy based on the charity associated with that package. A complimentary logo mark, color palette, and packaging connected to the Pacific Bird and PureBird brand while creating a unique look for this special initiative.