L’eclisse Cosmetics

When we began working with L’eclisse, they had developed unique and premium primary packaging components for their healthy, natural mineral cosmetics line. With so many brands already in the eco-luxe cosmetics category, our challenge was to articulate and communicate their unique combination of nature and luxury and help them to stand out in the competitive marketplace.





Packaging: Primary & Secondary

The L’eclisse product philosphy presented a unique challenge: how to balance the unique luxurious primary packaging with the natural, healthy cosmetics inside. Because L’eclisse is Italian for eclipse, we explored solutions inspired by celestial references, with ornate and premium design and production, and the theme of vintage glamour as a nod to the Italian film with the same name. The final solution was a simple but clever design that referenced the concept of an eclipse with the shape of the die cut, with an unexpected metallic bronze and dusty pink color palette.

Photography: Product

Branded product photography in carefully arranged setups further conveyed the ultra-premium brand aesthetic. We created a series of group shots for prominent placement online and in print ads and brochures; individual shots of each SKU were used on the website, catalog detail pages, and on Amazon.

Product Display

POP: Product Display

The simplicity of the L’eclisse in-store display mimicked the clean, form-oriented design of the secondary packaging. Clear acrylic was chosen to feature the purity of the product and showcase the unique compact designs.

Photography: Advertising

Six unique themes ranging from emphasis on the natural product formulations to focusing on the luxury of the brand and product packaging were created to uniquely position the brand visually amongst competitors. Our final concept was a studio shoot with a fashion-inspired twist, contrasting the luxury of the product with the natural ingredients. Abstract nature-inspired props and backdrops provided a sense of space; luxurious styling was balance with natural hair, makeup, and poses. Soft, beautiful, stylized lighting created a subtle sense of mystique and a visual twist that fused the polish of a studio shoot with the natural feel of a location image.

Photography: Model Demo

To sell cosmetics online, L’eclisse needed visual tools to help customers easily identify their color match. Nine models were cast to represent a range of skin tones and ethnicities in a carefully executed shoot to demonstrate the scope of the line. We cast each model to represent real women with natural beauty. We also created “before & after” assets for use on social media campaigns.

Printed Collateral: Brochure

L’eclisse needed printed collateral to communicate their unique selling points to potential buyers. We created a simple yet bold brochure targeted to beauty business owners that communicated the overall positioning of the brand, line features and benefits, and the natural ingredients in the products.

Responsive Website

Digital Media: Responsive Website

For the new responsive design, our goal was to draw customers into the shopping experience while effectively communicating the line’s unique balance of luxury and healthy ingredients. Bold, beautiful feature photography with touches of nature combined with product image composites with botanical elements to reference the healthy ingredients in a stylized presentation. Clean makeup demo images supported new features, including a robust color-matching guide that helps customers easily choose the best shade for their skin. Comprehensive tips, trick, and how-to’s, as well as a detailed breakdown of the healthy ingredients in each product were also added to help sell-through to online customers.

Winner, American Web Design Awards

Social Media & PR: Integrated Social Campaign

Our social media campaign targeted the sophisticated natural-luxury cosmetics customer through beautiful visual content for a rich brand narrative, connection to user lifestyle, and education through tips and tricks – to foster brand loyalty and sales. We also managed the day-to-day social customer service, e-newsletters, online advertising and promotions, coordinated and executed giveaways, and facilitated influencer PR. Our press strategy for L’eclisse was broad and diverse, hitting mass market segments through widely syndicated celebrity publications and niche markets through natural living blogs and magazines. We also worked with celebrities and influencers to reach our audiences on a grassroots level.

Winner, American Web Design Awards

Event Marketing: Events & Trade Shows

For L’eclisse events, we helped to facilitate every facet, from designing the space, to hiring and directing brand ambassadors, to coordinating makeovers for participants. Branded collateral, sampling, and activities such as a raffles drew participants into the brand experience. For trade shows, we designed booth structures, furnishings, and promotional collateral. We also helped with sales presentations, B2B pitches, and live social media posting during shows to help create buzz and drive buyers and press to the booth.

Video: Influencer

We strategized and implemented a three-month lifestyle tutorial series partnership with one millennial and one baby boomer influencer with themes ranging from everyday looks, professional makeup, the “no makeup” style, and natural bridal looks. As part of our campaign, we created full-length videos with the influencers for organic placement, plus micro videos for social media advertising. We secured organic placements on L’eclisse and both influencer’s pages and supported these placements with a paid ad campaign. To further reinforce the influencer/brand connection, we created branded website carousel images, social cover images, and graphics.


Video: Instructional

L’eclisse needed tutorial videos to support their website, so that customers could more confidently make a purchase online. We conceptualized, cast, produced, and edited a series of videos for each product that highlighted product benefits and brand philosophy, helped customers select shades, provided instruction for application, and showed tips & tricks.

Social Media: Micro Videos

We created a series of micro videos for use on social media ads to help drive traffic to each product category on the L’eclisse site. This playful stop-motion approach brought personality to the product on a streamlined budget.


Micro Videos

I engaged the Kitchen to build the L’eclisse brand when I first developed my healthy cosmetics products. They helped me form a strategy to create a unique place in the highly competitive beauty market that not only stood out from the crowd, but also remained authentic to my philosophy and vision. During our 10-year relationship, the Kitchen has continued to guide me through all aspects of building and maintaining my brand in traditional and digital marketing and advertising applications, bringing broad awareness as well as increased web traffic.

through the 4 month duration of lifestyle influencer campaign