Our Top 5 Favorite Kitchen Collaborative Videos from 2021

Each year, we continue to create more high quality video content for our clients’ websites, YouTube, social media, and digital advertising. Even though content development makes up a significant portion of a typical annual marketing budget, clients continue to see the value in investing in quality video. The reason? Simply put, good content equals measurable results.

In our last blog, we talked about the reasons for the dominance of video in digital marketing and advertising, including platform trends, algorithm favorability, consumer behavior, and cost-effectiveness to advertise. The videos rounded up below involved careful planning to ensure viability on company websites, YouTube, social media, and digital advertising.

“Take Your First Steps to Weight Loss” for Healthy Steps

This lifestyle-centric video took the viewer through the new all-virtual medical weight loss program, “Healthy Steps at Home,” by depicting how a user would experience the program from receiving the kit in the mail to implementing lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and mindfulness.This video was the centerpiece of our 2022 launch of this new program and partnership with Healthy Steps – keep an eye out for the full rollout of this comprehensive digital marketing campaign this year, including influencer partnerships!

“When We Step Outside…” for Infratech

This video campaign signaled a strong new message for the Infratech brand, refreshed for 2021 with a warm, family-centric message that reinforces the comforts of home and the focus on what truly matters in a world forever changed by the pandemic. As one of our favorite pieces of content in 2021, it also performed exceptionally well! We saw a 40% increase in site traffic from video on its launch and a 50% reduction in cost per click.

“Express Your Style in Comfort” for Infratech

For Infratech’s decorative fascia collection “Motif,” we knew we needed to play up the design aspect of the product, and connecting the dots between the home’s style and personal style was a natural creative choice. We created this high concept campaign featuring a fashion model styled to match each fascia design, to mirror the exquisite style of the product and communicate the ease of use – the big idea being it’s just as easy to change the style of your heater as it is to change your outfit.

“Stylish. Secure. Silhouette” for Seachrome

Seachrome’s online sales are projected to grow by 500% in 2021 over the previous year, and investment in online content has been an ongoing strategy to help fuel these results. To support the e-commerce launch of their new teak shower seats, we created lifestyle content to help the customer envision how the seat would look beautiful while providing much needed function to support living in place at home. A custom script and voice-over narration helped guide the viewer through the seats design features, functionalities, and benefits.

Twin Eagles x Chef Brad Miller

We produced and executed a video shoot with Chef Brad Miller and Twin Eagles Founder, Dante Cantal, to demonstrate how to grill the perfect steak at home on a Twin Eagles Outdoor Gas Grill and free-standing Pellet Grill. Combining Brad’s cooking knowledge and Twin Eagles’ exclusive grill features, we worked with Brad to create a recipe that would engage excitement for customers who may be preparing for 4th of July cooking, while highlighting the innovative product features.