Kitchen Collaborative Launches New High Concept Campaign for the Motif Collection

Last March, we helped long-time client Infratech launch a series of decorative covers for their premium outdoor comfort heaters, already a favorite amongst leading architects, designers, and builders. The project included the industrial design of the fascias, printed collateral, a web microsite, and a soft launch on social media.

We are now pleased to launch the full digital marketing campaign, going live this month! The Motif campaign will be centered around a high concept video commercial with a fashion model, styled to match each fascia design, to mirror the exquisite style of the product and communicate the ease of use – the big idea being it’s just as easy to change the style of your heater as it is to change your outfit.

The Motif campaign will be implemented on organic and paid social media, through YouTube bumper and skippable ads, and with user generated style content on TikTok. 



Infratech heaters are often preferred for disappearing in the space through flush mounting, but for instances where they can’t be recessed into a ceiling, Motif allows homeowners and designers a way to celebrate the architecture of their home through the decorative covers. We knew we needed to play up the design aspect of the product, and connecting the dots between the home’s style and personal style was a natural creative choice. In our storyboards shown below, we mapped out how the model would strut through a premium space, her outfit changing to match the four architectural styles: Contemporary, Craftsman, Mediterranean, and Traditional.



We landed on a premium residential location that was modern enough to be stylish, yet versatile enough to fit any of the four architectural styles of the Motif Collection. We retrofitted our storyboards to fit the location, ensuring the frame would prominently feature the ceiling mounted C-Series heater and Motif covers while showing the model full frame.

We cast a fashion model that could convey an elevated sense of style in her walk and nuanced facial expressions. The wardrobe styling was essential to making our concept ultra clear – clothing style, accessories, and color palette were carefully considered.


Final Campaign Assets 

Prior to the shoot, we carefully mapped out the still and video content for the full-day shoot in order to maximize the productivity of the day. Our media plan included a full length video, micro videos, still assets, and user generated style content for TikToks and Reels:

  • Horizontal format full-length video for Infratech’s website and YouTube including looping videos, skippable ads, and bumper ads
  • Vertical micro video content sized for digital advertising and organic social media, including TikTok and Instagram Reels
  • User-generated-style videos for organic digital circulation on TikTok and Reels
  • Still photography for print, banner ads, and the Infratech website


Stay tuned as we unveil this new content in a robust organic and paid marketing campaign for Infratech this month!