Kitchen Collaborative Launches Motif Collection for Infratech

Long time client Infratech wanted to launch a series of decorative covers for their premium outdoor comfort heaters, already a favorite amongst leading architects, designers, and builders. They needed our help to strategize, name, design, and create a comprehensive marketing launch for this exciting new product offering.

Industrial Design and Brand Deck

Our first step was to create a brand deck for Infratech and its key partners that included naming the collection, establishing the architectural styles, designing the patterns for the covers, creating top level messaging, and establishing the look and feel that would serve as a foundation for all future materials. The industrial design of the covers had to represent each architectural category in a streamlined way, while leaving enough clearance for heat to pass through the laser-cut sheet metal.

Sample fascia industrial designs

Sample spreads from brand presentation deck

Product and Composite Photography

Once Infratech selected the industrial design for each category, we photographed each product in black and stainless steel variations including a hero shot, close up, and context shot for each. Because we already had a large library of product photography, it was critical to match all previous angles, lighting, and the glow of the heaters. We shot the front view in context at the correct mounting height, so that we could composite the heater onto any environment with a realistic perspective.

Selection of product shots: detail, three-quarter, and front view

Composite context shot examples

Printed Collateral

We created a simple yet bold 4-page brochure to serve as a marketing tool for Infratech sales reps at the show, with a graphically modular design that mimicked the design of the fascias and communicated the idea of versatility. Short and clever copy enhanced the story behind the Motif collection and connected to the perspective of the specifier audience.

Cover and spread from Motif brochure

We are more than thrilled to have led this exciting launch for Infratech, as it further solidifies the brand as the leader in design-friendly outdoor heating solutions. The Motif Collection will allow designers to make the heaters a part of the design as opposed to disappearing into the outdoor space, which is completely unique to the typical way we position Infratech’s products.