Influencer Marketing + Video Production: Twin Eagles x Chef Brad Miller

Last month, we coordinated a live press event and a seasonal social media campaign for our ultra-premium grill client Twin Eagles for the 4th of July weekend. We worked with Chef Brad Miller, host of Cooking Channel’s Food Truck Nation, and Twin Eagles’ Founder Dante Cantal to create video content surrounding how to cook the perfect steak for 4th of July.

Our deliverables included influencer marketing, a full length video for social media, micro video content for paid media, still photography, and digital advertising. Organic and paid promotion of this content during the three-day weekend resulted in increased ad performance, views, and engagement despite the competition of the holiday weekend.

Influencer Partnership

We researched, strategized, and engaged with a wide range of local chefs that shared Twin Eagles’ brand proposition. After careful consideration, we partnered with Celebrity Chef Brad Miller for the video shoot and live virtual press event. Brad is the son of a prominent Chicago butcher, Co-Owner and head Chef at Inn of the Seventh Ray in Southern California, star of the Cooking Channel show Food Truck Nation, and is highly recognized by regional chefs for his culinary skills. With his charismatic TV personality and grilling expertise, Brad was the perfect fit for the live event and video partnership.

Cooking Tutorial Video

Prior to the live event, we produced and executed a video shoot with Chef Brad Miller and Twin Eagles Founder, Dante Cantal, to demonstrate how to grill the perfect steak at home on a Twin Eagles Outdoor Gas Grill and free-standing Pellet Grill. Combining Brad’s cooking knowledge and Twin Eagles’ exclusive grill features, we worked with Brad to create a recipe that would engage excitement for customers who may be preparing for 4th of July cooking, while highlighting the innovative product features. Brad walks us through his cooking process and the result is not only eye-catching, but delicious! The final deliverables included a full length video for the Twin Eagles website, Instagram TV, and YouTube, which consisted of the entire cooking process while highlighting grill features and b-roll of the grilling and plating process. We also embedded the full-length video into a blog post on the Twin Eagles website, acquiring 87% of the total views in the first 3 days thanks to digital advertising and organic social media promotion.

Micro Video

The full video we shot was then cut down into quick, punchy micro videos that we utilized for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and digital ads over the 4th of July weekend. Twin Eagles ads circulated on Facebook and Instagram over the course of the 3-day weekend and received a historically low cost per landing page view when compared to evergreen content. As comparable with Twin Eagles’ general best performing ads, this ad did extremely well even with high advertising competition over the holiday weekend.


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Fans of Twin Eagles loved the content with Chef Brad. Twin Eagles organic social posts from the event generated a 212% increase in Accounts Reached and an 11% increase in Content Interactions compared to the previous two weeks on Instagram. When comparing the average impressions garnered from organic Twin Eagles Instagram posts over the last 30 days, posts from the event garnered 62% more impressions. Comparing the 4th of July weekend to the week before, we saw a 91% increase in Twin Eagles’ overall Facebook and Instagram impressions, a 137% increase in engagement, a 257% increase in video views, and 196% more link clicks.