Kitchen Collaborative Launches New Digital Marketing Campaign For Healthy Steps

Healthy Steps is a medically-supervised, clinically-proven, comprehensive weight loss program that has been helping clients reach their goals for more than 40 years in their SoCal brick-and-mortar clinics. To launch their new virtual program, they needed our help to name, brand, and market this offering to a broader audience.

Our first step was to conduct comprehensive research & strategy, followed by a website refresh to prepare for a full-charge digital marketing and advertising campaign. To kickoff the campaign, we produced a lifestyle-centric online commercial to educate new customers on the program while standing out in social media feeds.

Research & Strategy

Before we enter into any digital marketing and advertising campaign, we create a Brand Blueprint that serves as our foundation for all subsequent initiatives. First, we conducted comprehensive competitive and consumer research to help identify Healthy Steps’ strengths and weaknesses and position them uniquely in the marketplace. Then, we researched current industry and digital trends to make sure our campaigns would be relevant to Healthy Step’s category and niche. From there, we were able to make specific recommendations including content strategy, influencer segmenting, ad strategy, and promotional calendars.

Website Refresh

The first challenge was to identify and clearly communicate the differences between Healthy Steps’ in-person and virtual offerings. After a naming exploration, we decided on a sub-branded solution: “Healthy Steps In Clinic” and “Healthy Steps At Home.” We refreshed their existing website, maintaining the core identity, color palettes, and fonts, while evolving the copywriting, user interface and integrating video to create an engaging “after-like” experience for new users coming to the site from our digital marketing and advertising efforts.

Online Commercial and Video Content

To launch the new website and digital marketing and advertising campaign for “Healthy Steps at Home,” we created a lifestyle-centric commercial that depicted how a user would experience the program from receiving the kit in the mail to implementing lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and mindfulness. This full length version was utilized on the Healthy Steps website and on YouTube in both organic and paid placements.

We also created short form versions of the commercial content, including shorter stories that spoke to a specific aspect of the program and montage-style assets that gave the user an idea of what the full program is about. This content was recently launched on our Facebook and Instagram ad funnel, as well as YouTube bumper and skippable ads.


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Lastly, we created short form style assets for use on Instagram Reels and TikTok. This content was made to be more amateur in feel intentionally, to fit the user-generated content focus on these platforms.


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Keep an eye out for the full rollout of this comprehensive digital marketing campaign this year, including influencer partnerships – coming soon!