A Pandemic Marketing Story: Infratech x Summit House Restaurant

We’ve all heard the news about the significant impact the pandemic had on hospitality businesses over the past couple of years. For Summit House restaurant in Fullerton, CA, their story of hardship and eventual triumph mirrored those of hospitality industry leaders all over the country.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been communicating the ability for Infratech’s premium outdoor heaters to allow restaurants to expand permanent or temporary outdoor space with minimal investment to restaurant owners across the country. When we heard that Summit House had chosen Infratech in their patio expansion project to allow more customers to be seated outdoors in comfort, we knew this was a story that needed to be told.

Our first step in implementing the Summit House campaign was to create a video that allowed the restaurant’s Owner, Gary Parkinson, and General Manager, Mark Fleshner to tell their story directly to other hospitality owners. We created interview questions that were tailored for the hospitality market, focusing on how the customer experience was balanced with return on investment. The format was similar to previous influencer collaborations we’ve done for Infratech in the past, with a blend of interview footage, b-roll, and graphics. The final result was a heart-felt yet informative full length video for Infratech’s website, blog, and YouTube channel that cross-promoted the Summit House and Infratech, balancing functional as well as emotional benefits.

We then strategically planned and edited the content down to short-form videos for use on social media and digital ads. These videos were meant to be viewed independently or as a series and were implemented in a range of horizontal and vertical formats for YouTube bumper and skippable ads, LinkedIn ads, and Facebook/Instagram ads.

While the pandemic was a part of the interview with Mark and Gary, we chose not to include this footage in the long form video so that the content could live beyond Covid. Instead, we created separate short form videos that spoke to the pandemic directly for use during the first quarter of 2022.