Case Study: Building a Brand Identity for Motion Picture Costumers Through Their New Website

Based in Los Angeles, Motion Picture Costumers Local 705 is the world’s largest costumers’ union. Their members have a diverse and highly-specialized skill set; they help bring film and TV characters to life through creating and shopping costumes. When we started working with MPC 705, their goal was to clearly communicate their unique placement in the industry and the value of being a member. We helped them with many aspects of branding, including logo design, brand positioning strategy, and social media development.

All of these elements combined in one of our biggest projects: a modernized, easy-to-navigate website with personality, appealing visual style, and valuable tools for union members and those considering applying for membership.

To learn how we worked together to realize MPC 705’s goals, check out the full Motion Picture Costumers case study on our website.