How Brands Can Navigate Facebook’s New Algorithm Shift

Once again, Facebook is changing the algorithm of their news feed — this time prioritizing posts from users’ friends and limiting exposure to content from news outlets and paid brand advertisers. Videos, in particular, are likely to take a hit from the new rules. But what does this change really mean for brands? How can companies that have dedicated major time and effort into advertising on Facebook move forward?

The stakes for creating compelling content have never been higher. In the new algorithm, brands can still get a fair pass; they just need to ensure that what they are posting organically generates user activity. Namely, a polished, well-made video can gain traction as long as it is being shared and commented on by users. Thus, ensuring your content makes its way into fans’ (or future fans’) feeds is a question of quality, now more than ever. Brands can no longer slapdash together a Facebook post and hope it reaches the right eyes.

At Kitchen Collaborative, we’ve been providing full service digital marketing to our clients since social media’s infancy. In fact, we’ve been doing this so long that many of our first brand launches were on MySpace! Here are a few basic tips that we will continue to implement for our digital marketing clients to ensure the widest reach possible for their social media content.

 Create interesting posts with attractive graphics — the type of content that gets automatically prioritized in Facebook’s algorithm because users engage with it.

 Partner with influencers to help spread the word and create 3rd party credibility.

 Pay to play. We see exponential results when adequate advertising budgets are implemented effectively. Have a clear strategy, implement a plan, and then adjust as needed to optimize ad dollars.

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