Our Process & Behind-the-Scenes: Infratech Automotive Advertising Shoot 2017

We recently teamed up with our client Infratech Automotive for a hero photography shoot showcasing their industry-preferred automotive curing electric heaters. These versatile heaters are used by body shops, detailers, and custom wrap shops to touch up paint jobs or to give car enthusiasts’ ride a whole new look.

For this busy one-day shoot, we used our expertise in art direction, branding, and photography to create images that hinted at a more stylized, premium body shop environment — all within our our in-house studio. To evolve Infratech’s automotive brand, we made the decision to imbue their photographic assets with masculine, upscale qualities. We did this by playing up the texture of the existing concrete floor in our studio and by shooting in a dramatic, sophisticated style mirroring the product photography seen in the advertising used by many high-end auto brands.

Color was important in this situation: Infratech’s yellow heaters are distinctive. We wanted them to pop, to be the star of the show. Since we also wanted to convey a luxury feel, we chose black as the main color for the shoot. This visual approach is an important element in Infratech’s branding evolution. Now you can easily see their curing systems falling under the carswithoutlimits hashtag on Instagram, a popular hashtag for car pros with superior shops and vehicles.

You can see examples of our work for Infratech Automotive on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which we also manage. Check out some sample images from the shoot below, and stay tuned for upcoming collateral and website coming soon!