Motion Picture Costumers Local 705 is the largest body of unionized costumers in the world, based in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Their highly specialized job is to execute the designer’s vision on a film or television project through creating and shopping costume pieces, and then to ensure continuity and dress actors on set. When we began working with them, the key objective was to communicate and celebrate their wide range of unique skills, many of which don’t exist in any other industry or profession.

Motion Picture Costumers Before
[ The Brief: Motion Picture Costumers Before ]

Before, there was a disconnect between the visual identity and the values that the union embodied. The logo didn’t reflect or symbolize the unique skills and professionalism of its members, and the website design lacked personality and didn’t contain the features the members needed to help connect them to the Local 705 office.

Brand Platform
[ Strategy: Brand Platform ]

Our strategy work for Motion Picture Costumers began with a comprehensive audit, where we identified trends and areas of opportunity to create a unique, ownable niche to help get the members noticed within the entertainment industry and with the public at large. We also looked at overall industry trends and made brand recommendations for both short and long term planning.

Brand Positioning
[ Strategy: Brand Positioning ]

Once our research was concluded and areas of opportunity were established, we developed three unique positioning options. The first brought the audience behind the scenes of a costumer’s work, the second highlighted the individual and their unique and specialized skills, and the third was centered around the idea of the members’ creative expression. Each positioning was supported by a consumer mindset, brand personality words, a unique brand story, tagline options, and brand clarity style boards.

Logo Exploration
[ Identity: Logo Exploration ]

Our logo exploration was broad, with big picture concepts that celebrated the costumers’ skills through clever iconography. The idea of solidarity of the members and the union was also explored, along with references to film and television.

Final Logo
[ Identity: Final Logo ]

Our final design celebrated unity of the members and the marriage of the two key classifications of costumers in a bold, sophisticated, and modern logo. The sewing needle represents custom made costumers, while the safety pin is a nod to finished costumers. The visually clever fusion of these iconic symbols in a strong cross motif represents the overall unity of Local 705.

[ Identity: Stationery ]

A simple, clever and artful design was chosen with graphic stitch marks that represented both the artistry of the costumers and the overlapping paths of the union members.

[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

To show the complexity and artistry of what costumers do every day, we needed to create visual assets that would prominently feature their members at work in an editorial photography style.


[ Photography: Lifestyle ]

To achieve realism, capturing the costumers in their real environments was a must. We shot a selection of union members at a custom made costume shop and on set at Paramount Studios.

[ Photography: Vignette ]

At each location, we also shot a range of vignettes to bring attention to key details and tell the story of a day in the life of a costumer.

[ Photography: Portrait ]

To showcase the union’s board members in a more dynamic style, we took a more artful approach compared to the typical executive portrait for a more dynamic look. A bright blue backdrop connected the portraits to the brand color palette; light gradations helped to make the portraits pop.

Digital and Print Newsletter
[ Collateral: Digital and Print Newsletter ]

Local 705 curates and distributes a monthly newsletter that organizes union news, events, and updates in print and digital format. We created a clean, modern masthead and templates for the office staff that organized dense content in an easy-to-digest format for the reader.

[ Digital Media: Website ]

Our overall goals for Local 705’s website included modernizing the look and feel, making content more readily accessible and clear, and updating the technology to be responsive. They also wanted the website to serve as a recruitment tool, where potential members and students would be enticed to learn more and ultimately join the union. Our solution was clean, bold, and personality-driven, with large editorial and vignette photography, smart messaging, and an organized navigation.

Digital Brand Strategy
[ Social Media: Digital Brand Strategy ]

The goal for Motion Picture Costumers’ social media campaign was to promote the culture of the union while also creating awareness for the broad scope of the member’s work within the entertainment industry and the public at large. We audited the entertainment industry online, looked at current digital trends in the category, and presented original content recommendations that would appeal to current and prospective members, costuming enthusiasts, and potential employers.

Integrated Social Campaign
[ Social Media: Integrated Social Campaign ]

Our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages feature content that tells the behind the scenes stories of costumers, educates and curates with custom infographics and editorials, and provides inside tips and tricks that celebrate their talented custom made and finished costumers.