Double Take! Aveda Men vs. Everyman Jack

In the world of men’s grooming products, there is an obvious sea of sameness that exists in packaging design. With most products living in dark packaging with mostly clean, bold, straightforward typography, it seems marketers are still hesitant about stepping outside the norm. In this particular instance, the similarities between the packaging design for Aveda Men and Everyman Jack products are immediately noticeable. Both brands are geared towards men looking for healthy, natural grooming products and feature a design aesthetic rooted in dark colors that can be perceived as traditionally masculine.

Packaging for both brands uses woodgrain, either as a design accent or as the background itself. Simple geometric shapes in bold or earth tones add some structure to the design. Both brands even use a similar font. The main difference is the price point between the two brands: Every Man Jack shave cream, for example, retails at $5.00-$6.00, whereas Aveda’s shave cream retails at $18.00.


It makes sense that both brands would choose a simple, woodsy aesthetic. Both companies avoid harsh chemicals, use naturally-derived ingredients and eschew animal testing. The simplicity and masculinity of their designs also keeps these self-care products—a market historically aimed at females—firmly within the realm of maleness. Fans of Everyman Jack and Aveda can be certain that they’re doing the right thing for the planet, while taking care of their appearance. The packaging for both brands situates this behavior as part of a natural evolution from traditional male grooming practices.