Men’s Personal Care Trends and the Launch of Dove Men

With the still relatively wide open market for men’s personal care, it seems that every brand is coming out with a new men’s line these days. Since this is still a relatively new category, brands seem to be playing it safe when marketing products previously thought of as “feminine” to men – which has created a sea of sameness in the packaging identity. Most of the identities are either black are dark brown, with bold type and basic design. It seems that marketers are afraid to step outside the box with men’s personal care in fear of it seeming like a “girly” product.

A recent example of a brand that seems to be bucking this trend is Dove Men. The line was recently launched with the support of recent Super Bowl campaigns, with an overall brand approach that is more lifestyle-oriented. The packaging strays from the typical black or dark grey look with a clean, sophisticated blue with bright accents. In my opinion, the look remains approachable to men without having to have the cliché look of its competitors.

Typical men’s packaging is almost always grey, black, or brown with minimal graphics and simple typography