Vogue Launches "Vogue Curvy"

We were delighted to have stumbled upon the new website from Vogue called “Vogue Curvy,” a high fashion online magazine celebrating women of all sizes. As we already know from consumer research, women are growing more and more weary of seeing other women portrayed as faux, idealized versions of themselves – and Vogue seems to have taken note of this trend. There is a great video of supermodel Crystal Renn, who tells her story of years of struggling with unrealistic standards as a tiny model before finally embracing her true self.

We are seeing more and more corporate brands celebrating “real women” with Dove being one of the most successful examples. Other brands are at least starting to show imperfections such as crow’s feet in advertising photography as women are becoming more and more savvy about retouching. The fashion world has been a bit slower to catch on.

Although Vogue Curvy is currently only available online, it’s a good step in the right direction.