Sample Packaging Article Preview

The ultimate goal in sample packaging is to create an association between the actual product on the shelf and with the sample itself. As long as the sample is an authentic representation of the product, the consumer will be able to identify with and make a memorable connection to the brand behind it.

In my upcoming article for GCI Magazine, I explore trends in the following categories in sample packaging:

  • Mimicked Components: samples that mimic their full size counterparts, not just in the design, but in the shape of the sample component
  • Sachet-On-Card: simple tear pouches affixed to larger cards or booklets for more billboard space
  • Sampling in Advertising: innovations in beauty sampling within traditional print media such as magazines
  • Unique Samples: innovative delivery systems and sustainable solutions in both single and multi-use
  • Promotional Samplers: less traditional delivery systems and create opportunities for brand awareness beyond the single-use concept

Stay tuned for full article in the May issue!