Case Study: Enterpret Social Media Launch

Enterpret, the innovative startup behind comprehensive real time translation software The Enterpreter needed to grow and maintain a robust social network before the launch of their summer IndieGogo campaign. The first step to launching the campaign was creating a comprehensive digital brand strategy. We delved into the latest research including social media trends, consumer behavior, competitive analysis, and overall industry-specific digital trends. Having determined Enterpret’s primary audiences as the international business community, travelers, foreign language and study abroad students, and ESL learners, we then proposed targeted editorial content to connect with this broad group.


[Slides from Our Digital Presentation]

When we came onboard, Enterpret had already set up Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo and Twitter accounts, but they had been underutilized and regular posting had fallen by the wayside. We started posting new targeted content regularly from these accounts, and set up additional Pinterest and Google+ accounts. With a combination of regular posts and, in the case of Facebook, targeted sponsored ads, Enterpret’s social network started to grow, with an 89% increase within our first month of working together.

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Our posts centered on the utility of the product, as well as the emotional appeal of making a connection across languages and the adventure and excitement of travel. Since a large part of their market consists of corporations using the software to conduct business internationally, we made sure to focus on forging B2B connections via LinkedIn. For more visual networks like Facebook and Instagram, we designed a weekly series of posts around the concept of #TravelTuesday, in which we shared inspiring photos of amazing destinations. These posts were intended to connect with the market we had identified among study abroad and language students, adventure travelers, and new immigrants.

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[Social Posts Targeted Towards Business Travelers and Tourists]
With Enterpret set to launch their crowdfunding campaign on August 7th, we began streamlining our efforts to support their endeavors. We compiled a comprehensive list of tech, travel, and culture writers from across the digital and print landscapes and began reaching out to them with the opportunity to preview The Enterpreter mobile app. We also unified a message across social channels and used a portion of our ad budget towards promoting the campaign on Facebook. These posts highlighted the benefits donors would get from contributing to the IndieGogo campaign, namely earlier access to the software, deeply discounted offerings, and the chance to be part of a revolution in how we travel and learn languages.

Stay tuned as we continue to evolve Enterpret’s unique and robust social media and public relations campaign!

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