Large Format Premium Digital Photography

Digital photography is a large part of our process in creating and evolving brands for our clients. As with most of our services, each shoot is tailored to the needs of each project in scale – beginning with the equipment we use to make it happen.

Lately at The Kitchen Collaborative, we have been shooting large-scale packaging for clients with big products, such as the oversized trash cans of Simple Human. To portray their products with the utmost quality is critical, which translates to the need for an ultra high-resolution image. Because we also need to create a natural interaction of a moving model with the product, a fast shutter flash sync speed is necessary for objects in motion.

To achieve a premium quality image under these parameters, we’ve been loving the Hasselblad H4 camera system. The 60 mega-pixel file size enables large printing without any noticeable resolution loss. We use this system for premium work for discriminating clients because it sets the industry standard for performance and quality in medium format camera systems.

Check out some of the work we’ve done with this system here!