Social Media Brand Management

Managing a social media campaign for a corporate client has become a task that many small companies are trying to do themselves, particularly in the widespread (and understandable) cost-centric small business culture of today. These companies usually assign someone who already works for them to update their Facebook and Twitter account periodically with new products or a coupon code. Whether the person is qualified to manage a brand’s social presence or not, this task is added to their already full plate of responsibilities and often gets treated casually – and therefore not fulfilled to its potential.

While it makes sense for individuals to be responsible for their own personal brands, a company is much more complex. Unless you have a solid understanding of the art of branding, you can unwittingly damage your brand very quickly without even knowing it. In the beginning of social media, it may have been adequate for small companies to simply be present on social media, but the stakes are much higher today. The social space is crowded with every company and brand vying for attention, and a “me-too” presence is simply not enough. A creative and experienced and dedicated social team, whether in-house or not, is the new standard for effective social marketing.

Many progressive traditional branding firms have adapted digital marketing over the past several years in order to provide this service to clients that value the idea of taking social media to the next level – to create social campaigns that gain traction, grow audiences organically, and get measurable results. Kitchen Collaborative happens to be one of these agencies.

Although our process is complex and nuanced, we start by creating a personality within the social space that is unique and memorable. This includes both visual and verbal messaging that is consistent with the brand’s personality, and content that is relevant to and engages with the audience. We then brainstorm and implement weekly content updates that include custom branded articles, product tips and demos, videos, unique photographs, and giveaways – all designed to create brand awareness, increase audience numbers, and ultimately drive sales. In addition to the creative element of what we do, there is also a strong customer service component. Every customer question is promptly responded to with the utmost professionalism, and the brand’s reputation is managed beyond the confines of its own social pages by intervening in negative comments or misinformation anywhere on the web.

One of the ways we create enticing content and grow the audience organically is through aggressive contests and giveaways. For our mobile accessories client PureGear, we gave away a smartphone accessory bundle that included a brand new, contract-free iPhone 4S. This campaign was announced and promoted with an elegant professional shot of the product bundle that imputed quality and sincerity and was supported with publicity from well-known industry bloggers and vloggers. During the month-long promotion, we increased the overall audience by 40% that resulted in a total value of over $60,000 according to recent industry standard measures for fans and cost per click advertising rates.

As part of social brand management, it is also critical to expose products to style makers and people of influence. Through celebrity giveaways and our vast PR network, we are able to introduce products to new audiences and segments and increase brand awareness and product visibility. If we use PureGear again as an example, we were able to gain traction in the coveted hip-hop segment with their innovative headphone line called PureBoom. Through placing PureGear into a celebrity gifting suite at the BET Awards earlier this year, we put the product into the hands of both industry legends and up-and-coming talent including, Faith Evans, Meek Mills, and Chaka Khan.

To stay current with the quickly changing social media scape, we also have to adapt to the latest platforms – many of which can fade in and out of popularity. One of the most recent examples of a fast-growing social network is Instagram. Our campaign for PureGear utilizes unique product images that tell the story of the functionality of their product line and offer a viral sense of humor that is critical in today’s noisy social space. All of these techniques (and many more!) have resulted in explosive audience growth and created an active social dialogue between PureGear and its customers.

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