Kitchen Collaborative Launches Content and Social Collab with Infratech and Carley Knobloch

For our premium outdoor heating client Infratech, smart home integration is an industry exclusive and one of their key competitive advantages. To explain this technically complicated subject to everyday homeowners and their architects, we collaborated with digital lifestyle smart home expert Carley Knobloch to help simplify the information and make the subject approachable and digestible. 

Concept and Art Direction

With Carley’s background as a host for various broadcast segments including KTLA and The Today Show, we knew we could leverage her personality to break down the otherwise overwhelming concept of smart home tech into an easy-to-understand format. We worked with her closely to create a script that would take the viewer through an elaborate heater installation in a stunning new residential build in Pasadena, California. The final script covered the range of heaters used, the smart home management system, and the functional and emotional benefits of having this functionality in a state-of-the-art home like this one.

Content Creation

Once the script was completed, we storyboarded each setup so that we could cover all seven scenes that included Infratech heaters in one whirlwind shoot day. The concept we settled on was an HGTV-meets-AD Open Tour series, where Carley would welcome the audience into the home and give a tour of the space, with an emphasis on the smart home tech and how to operate the Infratech heaters. In this walk-and-talk format, wide shots including Carley and the space were blended with vignettes to visually communicate how the heaters connected to smart technology.


Collab Implementation and Results

The final campaign included a full length video that was revealed using Instagram’s Collab feature on both Infratech and Carley’s pages. This version would also live on the Infratech website and YouTube channel organically and via paid ads. We also broke down the content into shorter videos for social media and digital advertising across all platforms including Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. With Carley’s help, our video views for this collab were approximately 4x higher than average views of other videos in the comparative timeframe. Additional benefits included exposure to Carley’s targeted audience and a boost in follows on the post day.