Our Comprehensive Brand Collab with Infratech and Loll Designs

For premium outdoor heating brand Infratech, it’s no secret that their heaters are found at the most exclusive and luxurious residential and commercial properties as they are specified by leading architects, designers, and builders all over the country. But where does that leave the everyday homeowner?

To communicate that Infratech can also accommodate retrofit installs for any property, we launched a comprehensive campaign with chic, sustainability crafted outdoor furniture brand Loll Designs. This soup-to-nuts campaign centered around the story of a renovation of a mid-century-modern house and included a co-branded video and giveaway featuring the two brands.

Concept and Art Direction

Infratech and Loll are both designer favorites in their industry, so combining the two brands was a perfect marriage for an outdoor living collab. Infratech is a top choice among leading design-build professionals because of their enduring quality and eco-friendly performance, combined with the broadest range of versatile style options. Loll Designs’ original, durable, all-weather outdoor furniture and accessories are made from recycled HDPE and distinguished by playful colors and unique materials.

To tell the story of how the two brands work seamlessly together in an outdoor space design of any scale, we centered the collab around a renovation story featuring a mid-century-modern architectural house by Edward Fickett in the San Fernando Valley.

Content Creation

To kickoff the campaign, we wanted to create an editorial-style video that documented the renovation in terms that could be digestible and understandable to any homeowner. The format blended a sit down interview in the backyard with b-roll of the installer and homeowners with the heaters and furniture, plus lifestyle family footage. We planned for a range of cuts depending on the audience, with the most comprehensive versions including a cut featuring both brands and one that just documented the install.

We then crafted interview questions that would help the homeowners articulate the project process, furniture and heater selection, functional considerations, and design choices. Once the script was completed, we storyboarded each setup so that we could maximize footage on the very busy shoot day.

The campaign launched with a full length video that was revealed using Instagram’s Collab feature on both Infratech and Loll Designs pages. This version would also live on the brands’ website and YouTube channels organically and via paid ads. The alternate version which focused solely on the install ran on B2B-focused ad channels. We broke down all the content into shorter videos for social media and digital advertising across all platforms including Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. 


Once the content was completed, we strategized and built out the extensive campaign, launching with a giveaway post, blog, and newsletter. Copy was carefully crafted to communicate the philosophy and offerings of each brand, while presenting the rules of the giveaway clearly. We then promoted the giveaway with individual and collab posts for the duration of the campaign. 

Collab Results

The giveaway’s primary goal was audience growth and the results were significant – in just under 30 days, we saw a 1030% increase in follows compared to the previous month. The videos garnered an increase of 107% in video views, a 666% increase in accounts engaged, a 594% increase in content interactions, and reached 118% more accounts compared to the previous month. These results were driven solely on organic social media promotion – the content will also be running on paid channels in the coming months for additional brand exposure.