Kitchen Collaborative Launches Influencer Marketing Campaign for the Prestigious Sunset Idea House

Going on 16 years, Sunset Magazine’s annual Idea House – dreamt up by Malibu’s premier architectural firm Burdge Architects – has become a renowned and respected project that provides the latest in cutting-edge design and tech inspiration.

In early 2021, we began our collaboration with Sunset Magazine and Burdge Architects to secure our client Infratech’s participation in the next Sunset Idea House. Being featured in many Burdge homes already, Infratech CD-Series heaters were a natural choice for both style and function in the exterior space. We worked with Burdge and Sunset to place the product, strategize our partnership, and execute an influencer and digital PR campaign surrounding the reveal – which is now in print and online in Sunset’s latest issue!


The digital campaign was centered around video content that celebrated the design of the Idea House, with an emphasis on the exterior space. Since the Sunset Idea House is such an acclaimed project, we wanted to create a walk-and-talk tour video, where a charismatic host walks the audience through a home and explains the design details. In our video, Jeannette and Jennifer from Burdge Architects would welcome the audience into the Malibu Idea House and talk about key points of the architecture and design.

Campaign Implementation

The final campaign included a full length video that would live on the Infratech website and YouTube channel organically and via paid ads. We then broke down the content into shorter videos for social media and digital advertising across all platforms including Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. In August and September, we will be rolling out the micro content in a coordinated social media campaign with Sunset Magazine and Burdge Architects. See the first Instagram Collab below.

Check out Sunset’s digital issue for the 2022 Idea House reveal, and watch our guided tour right here!