Kitchen Collaborative Introduces Influencer Marketing Videos for Healthy Steps

One of the most important preliminary strategies for our medical weight loss client, Healthy Steps, was to partner with body-positive plus size influencers that wanted to achieve personal health and wellness goals through their proprietary science-backed program. We strategized and researched a variety of body positive influencers across a range of key demographics, nurturing relationships with a handful of on-target and on-budget finalists to facilitate content that was authentic to their own sensibility and audiences. We also developed our own professional branded lifestyle videos in partnership with two additional influencers that focused on program features and benefits, personal lifestyles, and their individual results. The content needed to ride current social media trends while serving as evergreen content that would have a lifespan beyond the campaign.

Overall Concept and Pre-Production

Our goal was to create lifestyle and testimonial-driven video assets for use on the Healthy Steps website, YouTube, organic social media, and digital advertising that would spark an emotional connection with the audience and educate the customer on unique selling points. Our deliverables included a full length video for social media and website use, plus short-form videos to implement on both organic and paid posts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Our pre-production art direction included planning for wardrobe, props, and overall look and feel along with specific direction for each shot and lifestyle scenario.

“Day in the Life of a Healthy Stepper” Videos

The final videos included a “day in the life” style testimonial featuring lifestyle influencer Romy and actor and model Isabel, who had completed their first two months on the Healthy Steps At Home program. We shot the interviews and b-roll in a modern, simple home and its surrounding neighborhood to highlight program features and benefits like walking, diet, and taking the program-prescribed supplements and medications. We used graphics to emphasize key benefits and communicate points of difference, and to give context if sound was turned off in-app. The full videos were then cut down into quick, punchy micro videos for digital ad campaigns, TikTok and Instagram Reels.


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As we rolled out ads using the new influencer content, ads featuring our influencer content brought in the most customer leads, which is the key KPI on our work for Healthy Steps. The week Romy posted her full length video organically on Instagram, Healthy Steps received a 19% rise in impressions and reached 21% more accounts that weren’t already following. Romy’s two organic posts brought in 51% of the average amount of new followers that the account had been bringing in each month.

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