Using Video to Build Brands: Launching Infratech’s Lifestyle Video Campaign

The use of video in brand building has become a necessity in today’s digital landscape. Video is one of the most effective mediums to help a brand feel more authentic to its audience and connect with people on an emotional level, as it can tell a much deeper story quickly and convey a higher level of realism compared to still imagery — particularly when it comes to portraying human subjects. In lifestyle video, nuances in expression and body language are brought to life with more dimension, and it’s much harder to enhance or doctor video content like it is with a slick, airbrushed advertising image.

Across the board and on all platforms, video content gets higher engagement, more views, and is likelier to lead to conversions. According to Facebook, people look at video 5 times longer than static content on both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, Animoto’s 2018 survey results demonstrate that video is consumers’ favorite type of content to see from brands.

For our longtime client Infratech, video has been an important part of our strategy ever since we created their first corporate video over 7 years ago. This month, we launched a 360º campaign surrounding a lifestyle video that communicated key product features and a range of lifestyle applications in less than a minute.


The first step to telling a lifestyle story is securing an aspirational location. A location can be as important as the cast in setting the tone of the video — for this reason, the décor, view, and style of the home must align with the brand’s attributes. With Infratech’s help, we secured this gorgeous, upscale Corona del Mar transitional home: a perfect nod to Infratech’s longevity and modern technology. (And the view wasn’t bad either!) We scouted the location first and determined specific locations for each video sequence to make the most out of the space.


After we scouted the location, we created storyboards to conceptualize and map out the story and sequence in the selected environment. Whenever possible, we believe in traditional sketching techniques in storyboards as it strips away details that may distract the client and crew from the core concept we are trying to portray. To bring the emotional benefits of the product to life, we created three sequences to illustrate different lifestyle scenarios in which Infratech would enhance the user’s experience. We also made sure to feature Infratech’s competitive advantage of offering a range of controls by showing a touch button control, an iPad app control, and voice activation via Amazon Echo.


Since Infratech’s heaters are typically installed in premium luxury properties, their end customers are primarily mature and sophisticated. We conducted a targeted casting session to secure a couple that would embody the luxurious lifestyle of a beautiful home heated by Infratech heaters. Both models looked mature enough to be believable in the location, yet youthful enough to portray the Infratech lifestyle in an aspirational light. The models also had to be able to handle posed as well as moving sequences, in addition to a speaking role.

Final Videos

The final video was shot with natural lighting, hand-held videography techniques, and artful angles that showed off the best features of the outdoor living space while maintaining focus on the products wherever possible. Accessible copy conveyed the end customer lifestyle while communicating product features through detail shots showing switch controls, mobile controls, and smart home assistant integration. This video was also adapted to mobile-friendly micro videos for social media advertising.

Website Home Page

With most modern websites, video is often the first touchpoint a customer sees when entering the brand experience. We created a shorter version of the full video with no sound and a typographic overlay in desktop and mobile versions for optimized viewing on all devices.


See more examples of similar work on our video page, and follow Infratech on Instagram to see the full video campaign roll out over the next few months!