Kitchen Collaborative Unveils New Identity

Since 2005, The Kitchen Collaborative has been building meaningful brands and helping them reach their markets with targeted and authentic branding, marketing, and advertising services. Since the launch of our first social media campaign in 2007, we have continued to stay on the pulse of the latest techniques and platforms to help our clients reach their audiences effectively  and efficiently along with the evolution of technology. This has also meant a natural evolution of our own methods and processes.

We have grown. We have adapted. We have changed. And it’s time our identity reflects the progressive nature of the agency we’ve become.

Meet the new Kitchen Collaborative identity. Cooking up award-winning brands in the digital age.™

Our new logo represents a clever, deconstructed wordmark with unified letters to symbolize our collaborative work philosophy – each specialized team member is critical to providing an impactful end result. The dot element and down stroke of the K references a person at a desk with a device, referencing our progressive work style and emphasis on digital marketing. Finally, the dot element combined with the ligature of the I and T references a spoon, a nod to the Kitchen metaphor.

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