Kitchen Collaborative Wins Two American Graphic Design Awards

GDUSA has announced us as winners under the Advertising and Internet Design categories for our work on Skinn Cosmetics’ Digital Advertising Campaign and Infratech Comfort’s Series Web Page and Video! Our work was selected from over 12,000 entries, with only the top 10 percent selected as winners.

Skinn Cosmetics

Our digital advertising campaigns were designed to fuel sales surrounding seasonal promotions and product launches. The ads showcased Skinn’s brand point of view with clinical yet beautiful product photography in conjunction with eye-catching copy and graphics to incentivize customer conversion.Skinn Cosmetics digital advertising campaign

We also created micro videos featuring Skinn’s dynamic owner and pitch man Dimitri James to support digital ads as well as their move from Evine to HSN in 2019. The videos included Dimitri dancing, popping bubbles, and breaking through the HSN logo for a tongue-in-cheek feel.


Infratech Comfort

Infratech’s website showcases their designer-friendly heaters in a sophisticated, clean, and lifestyle-centric presentation. In 2019, we redesigned each product landing page to showcase a short video on each series, with the goal of featuring the premium quality of the product visually while quickly messaging key features and benefits to help the user understand the key differences between each series.

Infratech comfort designer-friendly website layout

To support these pages and our digital advertising campaign, we conceptualized, shot, and edited five videos featuring each heater design series independently using a custom set piece with perforated metal sheets in a pattern that mimicked the brand’s identity. Clean, premium lighting highlighted the beauty of the stainless steel and quality construction. Camera movement added drama to the otherwise static product and allowed the user to understand the heater differences visually by featuring varied angles and details.