Kitchen Collaborative Unveils a New Product Video for Twin Eagles Grills

Last month, we launched a new series of full length and micro videos for long time client Twin Eagles! The purpose of this particular project was to create a comprehensive features and benefits video for communicating the unique selling points of the the Twin Eagles line of built-in premium gas grills. We wanted to reference the elevated, sleek look and feel of the Pellet Grill and Eagle One videos we created earlier this year to stay consistent with the brand look and feel, while also making it unique to their signature outdoor gas grill line.

To do this, we built a set reminiscent of an outdoor kitchen scene using wood paneling for warmth. We created a single full-length video that covered design, exterior, and performance features (and more). We also created a range of vertically formatted, digestible micro videos to optimize their shareability on social media and digital advertising.

See the full video here and check out some of the posts featuring the micro videos below!




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With a Twin Eagles premium gas grill, it’s all in the handcrafted details. A favorite amongst architects and designers for the elegant lines, exquisite geometry, and polished accents – our American-made grills are designed by award-winning engineer and Twin Eagles founder Dante Cantal. With three decades of experience perfecting the best culinary equipment in the industry, you can trust Twin Eagles for exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. . . . . #grilling #outdoorgrilling #outdoorgrills #grillmaster #outdoorfamilyfun #outdoorliving #outdoorkitchen #outdoorspace #outdoorkitchen #cookingoutdoors #livingwell #instachef #grillingtime #grillingseason #luxury #luxurygrills A post shared by Twin Eagles (@twineaglesgrills) on

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The ultimate grilling system at your fingertips. Our luxury grills include a proprietary 5-Part Grilling System which utilizes advanced technology and components designed and engineered exclusively by Twin Eagles. This unique synergistic grilling system integrates direct and radiant heat to ensure your grill preheats faster, reaches higher temperatures, distributes heat more evenly, offers complete control in each grilling zone, and uses less gas. Visit the link in our bio to learn more about adding a Twin Eagles Grill to your outdoor kitchen this spring! . . . . #grilling #outdoorgrilling #outdoorgrills #grillmaster #outdoorliving #outdoorspace #outdoorkitchen #cookingoutdoors #livingwell #instachef #grillingtime #grillingseason #luxury #luxurygrills

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