Case Study: Twin Eagles Social Media Launch

Twin Eagles, manufacturer of luxurious outdoor grills and accessories, needed to delve into the world of social networking to tap into the already strong customer loyalty for their brand. Launched in 2005, their line of grills had robust presence online and on social media through their passionate dealers and end customers, but they had never before promoted themselves directly on social media portals. Our first step was to create a comprehensive digital brand strategy, where we delved into the latest research including relevant social media trends, consumer behavior, industry trends, competitive trends, and overall digital trends. Our findings helped us to create an overall strategy for the launch and a strong foundation for social media content development. To best utilize Twin Eagles’ monthly budget, we decided to focus our efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz.


[Slides from Our Digital Strategy Presentation]

Since Twin Eagles had no previous social media pages, we needed to work from the ground up, building out the pages with relevant content that would best reflect the Twin Eagles brand before engaging with their audience. Our primary markets included product retailers and distributors, architects and designers of outdoor spaces, and the sophisticated homeowner end user. Content subjects included outdoor living lifestyle, product tips and tricks, outdoor kitchen design, lifestyle editorials, and of course food! The challenge was to balance content across all these diverse markets in a unified message.


[Content Examples]

We started posting regularly with targeted content, as well as using Facebook ads to build social audience and increase site traffic. In our first month, we also promoted a segment on KTLA featuring Twin Eagles’ partner Chef Jamie Gwen that reached 3,000 Facebook users. Once our pages were built out with an array of content, we then began targeted engagement with influencers, dealers, and complimentary brands. As with all of our social media clients, we monitored our efforts with detailed analytics in order to see which types of posts were the most effective. By the end of our second month, our audience had grown to over 1,600 followers with very limited advertising.


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Be sure to follow all of Twin Eagles’ social media pages and stay tuned as we continue to grow their evolving social presence and brand!