Scary Good Halloween Ads Satisfy Consumer Cravings

From classic scary spoofs to frighteningly punny copy, the Halloween season is no doubt a time for marketers to have some fun. Combining long-known holiday inspired design and entertaining social media outreach, brands connect to consumers in their festive spirit to increase engagement and expand brand awareness. With that, here are some of our favorite campaigns this year:

Tide debuted a fun Halloween campaign via a series of #scaredstainless videos on Vine. Considering “scary” entertainment is created by sudden, short-lived moments, the brand set out to use social media in spoofing classic scary movies like Carrie Psycho, Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity, The Ring, and The Shining.

Chipotle’s clever use of language and plays on their unprocessed pride make their campaign at once memorable and informative. Their #boorito video encourages customers to dress up to receive a three dollar “boorito” for anyone who, unlike their additive-free product, spookily “adds something unnecessary to their costume.”

With consumer-packaged sweets sales expected to soar this season, Oreo delivered introducing The Oreo Laboratorium and short videos of their adorably costumed cookie Nomsters. Consumers can even enter social media contests to name the little cuties.

Finally, for the simple opportunity sought, Crest pulls through with a ten dollar tooth-saving discount. Thanks for the friendly consideration, Crest. Our children’s teeth and parent’s pockets are with you.


Story via HeroFarm and Salesforce