Mattel’s Viral Campaign Reveals the Power of “Our Story” in Modern Ad Campaigns

Advertisements have the power to influence consumers beyond their purchase decisions; a brand’s marketing media also has a huge impact on shaping accepted truths. Transversely, they better relate to popular truths accepted if they want to successfully spread brand awareness. For 59 years, America’s iconic Barbie has stirred up controversial conversations about the relationship between brand messages and flawed belief systems that have certainly been significant in Mattel’s declining gain. From debates about links to young girl’s mental health to perpetuations of male ideals and female’s under perfectionist pressures, the capacity for a doll to create such concern amongst people is no doubt emblematic of advertiser’s clout. And recent years of dropping sales for Mattel show signs that the consumer’s are, indeed, disconnected from their message.

As parents lose support for politics the younger generations may not read into, Barbie’s stories of domestic life, weight loss, and male dependence continue to fall short for the little ones as well. After all, the only story Barbie really needs to tell, is the very story of the imagination that animates her. These stories are not ones of the world we live in and definitely not those of our current youth.

So, where do they go from here? How could Mattel harness their power to mend their mistakes, tap into the real-life positive inspiration story of recent ad campaigns and relate to their most important target? Finally, the most recent Barbie campaign initiates a shift. The new, viral video “Imagine the Possibilities” takes advantage of social media’s video craze to recognize empty Barbie stories of the past and put the pen in the hands of the generations who hold her.

Within weeks, Mattel’s video has received over ten million views, embracing the feminism of equal opportunity and infinite possibility, showcasing how relatable stories and progressive thinking spreads important messages through viral media. At last, the legacy of Barbie is back, with the mission of successful modern ad campaigns, here to to tell our story.

Story via catchnews.com.