Gap’s Charming Instagram Micro-Series: Spring is Weird

We are only few weeks into spring, but Gap began their Spring is Weird campaign months ago—and we almost hope it never ends. With Instagram as the main platform, Gap and their creative agency Wieden+Kennedy New York, created a 12 episode micro-series starring comedian Jenny Slate and actor Paul Dano. This micro-series adheres to Instagram’s maximum video length of 15 second and still, it successfully and hilariously follows two well dressed young people as they fall in love and acclimate to the season’s changes.

Brands using social media platforms to tell their stories or videos to engage audiences isn’t new, but this form of entertainment social media takes digital marketing to the next level. Jenny Slate and Paul Dano provide humor and romantic chemistry, as they use Gap’s clothes to help tell the story—while the episodes use social media language and cliches to connect with their audience in a way that has us asking for more.


One of the best parts about Gap’s Spring is Weird is that it feels like a complete web series or show. With a single 15 second video released per week, followers are left with 7 arduous days to wonder what will happen next to the young heroes. Will they fall in love? What challenges will they face with summer around the corner? What will they be wearing?

Photo credit: Gap