New Study Reveals how Women Engage with Technology

A new study by marketing and media firm Meredith and research firm Insights in Marketing, uncovered the way America women are interacting with technology and the internet. Adweek reports, the study contains research from 2,500 18-76 year old women and inquires into what social media sites are used most frequently, to what women like to share online and why — and the data gathered from this report is simply an advertiser’s dream.

As far as what devices are most popular, the study discovered less than half of women report using tablets for online use, where 67% use their smartphones to go online. No matter how trendy they are, tablets are bulky and less convenient than smartphones and women are fond of accessibility. When asked the main reason they consumed media on the internet, as opposed to print or TV media, 80% of women said for the convenience to look at things in their own time frame. Brands who use the internet to target ads also benefit from this trend, as there’s an increased possibility of their ads being viewed.

The internet allows us to share anything from videos to articles and women love to share content, especially brand content. In their own timeframe, 69% of women said they consume the internet for ideas of new brands and products to try and 57% of women are most likely to share content they find humorous, while 24% share product and services recommendations. Create a funny ad geared to women for your products and there’s a good chance it’ll practically share itself.

Where should digital advertisers go first with all this information? If you’re trying to tap into this market of humor loving, brand ready female consumers then head to Facebook. 83% of women report weekly use on Facebook, while 58% are on Youtube and 41% are on Pinterest.

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Images from AdWeek