Instagram’s Hyperlapse Video App Lets Marketers Get Creative

Last week, Instagram introduced the world to Hyperlapse, one of the company’s first separate, standalone apps. Hyperlapse is part of the continuing micro video trend taking place in social media today, and a logical evolution from Instagram’s famously shaky video feature launched last year. The new app uses image stabilization algorithms to create high quality tracking shots and time lapse video that are much more polished and professional than its predecessor.


Within days of the app’s release, big names like Budweiser, Cosmopolitan, Naked Juice and even the White House were already getting in on the action. Many, like Cosmo and the White House opted to give quick office tours. Others created mini narratives, such as Budweiser’s video of a day spent outside with friends and Naked Juice’s video of workers walking past an unclothed person with the caption “Don’t let life pass you by. Get Naked.” While the higher production value of the videos is clearly a boon to advertisers, the 15-second limit for Hyperlapse videos shared via Instagram means companies will have to get creative to get their message across.

Story via Wired and Ad Week.