The Hershey Company Modernizes Their Brand

The latest update of the confectionery leader’s corporate branding shows a visual identity that supports it’s transition from U.S. chocolate maker to global confection and snack company.

Mike Wege, Senior Vice President and Chief Growth and Marketing Officer at Hershey stated: “Today we are much more than the ‘Great American Chocolate Bar’, We have an amazing portfolio of iconic brands in confectionery and snacking, a great workplace filled with remarkable people and a longstanding commitment to giving back to our communities. Our updated company brand and refreshed visual identity is an expression of our progression to a modern, innovative company that positively impacts our local communities as we continue to grow globally.”

This vision has has resulted in a more unique and colorful brand image – as you can see below:



What do you think of the new look?

Story and photos via Under Consideration and The Hershey Company.