Google Changes Search Algorithm to Favor Encryption

According to Google, sites with HTTPS encryption are getting a boost in search ranking. This ranking, however is currently affecting less than 1 percent of search results in order for Google to allow web developers time to make the switch.

The recent focus on encryption was established as a way to reward websites for being safe and secure for their users. The main influence for search ranking, however still remains audience size and content quality.

“Security is a top priority for Google. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use industry-leading security, like strong HTTPS encryption by default. That means that people using Search, Gmail and Google Drive, for example, automatically have a secure connection to Google.” Get access to more in-depth information on Google’s blog.

Here at The Kitchen Collaborative we have taken this to heart and have converted our own website – while working towards securing all existing clients sites. Have you made the switch to HTTPS encryption? Let us know on Twitter @kitchen_collab!

Story via Google, Tech Crunch, and Tech Times.