Behind The Scenes: PureGear Photo Shoot

For the launch of the new HIP Case+ for iPhone 6, our mobile accessories client PureGear needed to demonstrate both the functional capabilities and the lifestyle applications of the product.

Our carefully executed shots taken in and around our studio featured a male, female, and toddler model in a wide array of location and set environments. A shallow depth of field technique and clean, bright lighting brought a warm, accessible look to the images.

The different environments, props, and styling aimed to demonstrate the range of product usability for people of all ages, genders, and lifestyles. The shots also showcased the various uses for a single product feature. For example, we showed the HIP Case+ clipped to bike handlebars, purses, belts, and gym bags. We also showed the case propped up on a desk in an office and propped up on a kitchen table to entertain a toddler.

In addition, we created a video slideshow in order to showcase the unique product capabilities of the the HIP Case+ for iPhone 6.

Here are a few behind the scenes images from the shoot day:

Be sure to check out more of the final images on PureGear’s product packaging, website and their FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest pages.