Inside the United States Postal Service Rebrand

When it came time to updating one of the most iconic brands of all time – the United States Postal Service – New York based studio GrandArmy was lucky enough to be tasked with the job. The agency thrived to create an identity for the iconic brand that expressed patriotism in a bold, Uncle Sam, type of way.

GrandArmy’s original design

Drawing from historical design, vintage letter press, and images of the bald eagle, they made this idea come to life in the form of posters, window clings, a mobile app, and a shipping box design. The resulting designs were clean, bold, sophisticated, and typographically immaculate.

GrandArmy’s rebrand of the USPS app 

Left: new design, right: original design

As in most brand development work, client input can make a big impact on the original designs compared to the final iterations. In this instance, USPS modified the artwork after files were delivered, resulting in a stripped down version of the original design intent. With more white space, it can be argued that the new design is cleaner – but in a design where typography is everything, the changes were definitely dramatic.

What do you think of the USPS-modified design?

Story and images via Fast Company and GrandArmy.