Apple’s Ad for Macbook Air Goes Back to Basics

Apple celebrates individuality and the power of simplicity through “Stickers” in their latest 30-second spot for Macbook Air. The ad shows the device, set to electronic music by Hudson Mohawke, and stop-motion flashes of decals featuring Walter White, Snow White, Bart Simpson, Batman, Wonder Woman, Pac-Man, Supreme, Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse plastered around the iconic Apple logo.

The relatively low production value – in comparison to company revenue – and prominence of personal taste and customization work flawlessly with the Macbook Air tagline “The Notebook People Love.”  This type of ad also aims to connect emotionally with consumers, making them feel unique and thus more likely to buy and become brand loyalists.

The quick pace of the video is an impetus for repeat viewings, but in case you blinked and missed something, you can view the “Stickers” page on Apple’s website to check out some of the decals.

Story via Apple, High Snobietyand Adweek.