Motter Tektura: The Iconic Typeface of the 1980s

What do Apple, Trapper Keeper, and Reebok have in common? If you said they’re all really cool; you’d be sort of right. But the correct answer is they all used the same typeface in their early designs.

kmc0ymhi6bbqlksth1itYes, that’s right. A font, named Motter Tektura, was influential in creating lasting logos that became the hallmark of their perspective brands. It can be argued that the typeface played a large role in the evolution of Apple’s iconic identity.


Typefaces come in an out of style with different eras, just like other cultural relics such as clothing and music. While Motter Tekura enjoyed its popularity in the 1980s, newer typefaces have taken over in the current era of typography. One of the most widely used and recognizable fonts today is called Gotham, first commissioned by GQ Magazine and most known for its use in Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Gotham is also the cornerstone of the One World Trade Center tower, the brand identity for Saturday Night Live, the exclusive font in title cards for film trailers in the US, and the key font for a wide range of commercial media campaigns for global brands.

Image via WhattheHelvetica

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As all styles, brands and ideas, wax and wane throughout their life cycles, so do the popularity of fonts. Where Tektura was all but forgotten, and Gotham has ridden a tidal wave of mainstream usage, no one knows for sure what typeface will jump to the forefront of popular usage.

Have no fear. Like the resurgence of groovy clothing, and far-out futuristic home designs, the good folks at Motterfonts.com are hard at work creating digitalized versions of each typeface created by the man responsible for Motter Tektura, Othmar Motter.

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